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Sep. 6, 2011
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International performing arts Festival / Tokyo opens (Sep. 16 – Nov. 13, 2011)
This year’s Festival / Tokyo 11 (F/T11) will present a large program of performances and symposiums over its 46-day schedule starting September 16th and running through November 13th.
Now in its 4th holding, the main venue of Festival / Tokyo moves from the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space in Ikebukuro, which is now closed for renovations (Apr. 2011 to Aug. 2012) to a total of nine new venues in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro and Wangan areas and Saitama prefecture. These new venues including the Multipurpose Coliseum of the public Yumenoshima Park, and Outdoor Venue/ Wasteland bordering the west side of Toyosu Park, the Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan Auditorium, Theater Green, Sai-no-Kuni Saitama Arts Theater and others.
The “What can we say?” slogan of this year’s festival is in response to the situation following this March’s Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the program has been selected with works that address the question of the role of theater in the cities and the role of theater in society. Another trend in this year’s program is an expansion of the Emerging Artists Program to draw on the strength of artists from throughout Asia. The organizers include the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Tokyo Culture Creation Project of the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Toshima Ward, the public sector Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation and the NPO Art Network Japan.
There are three outdoor theater performances on this year’s program. The opening performance is a production by Norimizu Ameya and Romeo Castellucci of Miyazawa Kenji – Yumenoshima (World premiere, Sept. 16-17). An audience of around 1,000 is expected for the outdoor performance of this production in Yumenoshima. Ishinha will be performing their first outdoor performance in Tokyo in 20 years on the roof of a department store. Also, Rene Pollesch will perform an outdoor theater spectacle in Toyosu Park.
There are six works on the program scheduled for indoor performances. They include new works by Akio Miyazawa, Yudai Kamisato, Akira Takayama and Chaos Lounge, and there are two dance works by Jerome Bel and Tsuyoshi Shirai.
There were 150 applications from artists around Asia for the open selections, of which 11 companies and groups were chosen. Seven are from Japan, two from the Republic of Korea and one each from China and Singapore. Most of their performances will be held at Theater Green and after the conclusion of the festival “F/T Award” winners will be selected for best work and best artist. The winners will be invited to return to next year’s festival with a commissioned work.
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