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Oct. 12, 2011
Min'yo -Japanese traditional folk songs- conveying heart and rhythms in daily life in Japan (Sep. 14 - Oct. 2, 2011)
 Performances of Min'yo (traditional folk songs) will be held in Chile, Argentine, Uruguay and Brasil from September 14 to October 2. Heading the team is Shigeri Kitsu, a superb singer with loyal followers from a wide range of music lovers. Supporting the act are top Min’yo musicians Katsuaki Sawada (Aomori Pref.), Tetsuhiro and Naeko Daiku (Okinawa). Enhancing the beauty of these folk songs will be genre-straddling artist and violinist Keisuke Ota, who will be joining the tour in Chile and Argentine. Katsuharu Sawada, apprentice of renowned tsugaru shamisen great Katsuaki Sawada and highly reputed for his unique-style kyokubiki (tsugaru shamisen with improvisation), will be joining the Uruguay and Brazil performances and also will conduct a workshop.
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