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Sep. 22, 2011
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Participants sought for 7th Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) (application deadline Sept. 30)
The 7th Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) will be held from Oct. 10 to 14, organized by Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with the aim to promote creation and production activity in the performing arts and encourage rational distribution and overseas expansion.
The area of this year’s PAMS “Focus Sessions” is the value and marketability of Asian performing arts and the potential for creative collaboration with Asian partners. There are three themes of “Ask Asia: The Reason to Focus on Asia, “Talk about Asia: Current Issues” and “Work with Asia: Cases of International Collaboration” and numerous specialists will be invited from Asian countries including China, Iran, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Tajikistan. There will also be networking programs for performing arts professionals including a “Speed Dating” program of “quick and small meetings with domestic and international delegates and a Round Table for professional discussions of a number of sub-themes.
Thirteen works have been selected for the “PAMS Choice” showcases aimed at helping the Korean performing arts reach a global audience by providing a selection of outstanding works of dance, music and multi-disciplinary performances chosen through a yearly competition for performances at the National Theater and other venues. One of the featured works is the Eun-Me Ahn Company’s Dancing Grandmothers, which was invited to this year’s Edinburgh Festival. This work by one of Korea’s leading choreographers, Eun-Me Ahn, is noted for the way it employs a method called Movement Research to explore the personal history as it exists in the body’s physical memory and the simple and fundamental body language of the elderly participants. The work enters a new paradigm incorporating Eun-Me’s straightforward humor and energy.
Another highlight will be the site-specific performance work Fire Cliff by contemporary artist Minouk LIM that premiered at a Madrid modern art museum converted from an old cigarette factory and was performed in 2011 to great response as part of Festival BOM. This work uses sounds and a thermal camera to shed new light on specific memories and guide them into a physical experience in ways that poses questions to the viewers and leads them into reinterpretations.
The “International Showcase” program features two invited works, with Hideto Iwai’s hi-bye company’s production Hikky Cancun Tornado from Japan and Australia’s Polyglot Theatre doing an architectural construction project using cardboard and titled We Built This City.
To participate in PAMS 2011, registration is required. See the following website for program details and instruction for registration to participate.

[Overview of the PAMS arts market]
Since 2005, PAMS has been held annually in Seoul during October as an arts market for performing arts professionals. To provide a platform for networking and information exchange by artists, presenters, promoters and producers for levels of production, the market provides a schedule of showcases, booth exhibits, forums/sessions, receptions and lunch meetings.
The “PAMS Choice” showcase program introduces works of Korean artists officially selected by the PAMS selection committee and provides air travel expenses and translation services if the selected works are invited to perform overseas. Until now, some 400 overseas performances in 60 nations have resulted from this program. PAMS is supported by The National Theater of Korea’s World Theater Festival, Seoul International Dance Festival, Seoul Performing Arts Festival, CINARS (International Exchange for the Performing Arts), Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama (TPAM) and others.
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