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Jan. 23, 2012
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Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2012 opens (Jan. 28 – Feb. 19, 2012)
Yokohama Dance Collection EX2012 is an annual contemporary dance festival organized at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 (the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Yokohama Arts Foundation) for the purpose of nurturing young choreographers and popularizing contemporary dance in Japan. Launched in 1996, 2012 marks the Festival’s 17th holding. This year’s program presents a line-up particularly focused on supporting the next generation of choreographers and encouraging exchange programs, with a competition for young choreographers and exchange programs with overseas theaters and festivals.
The competition that constitutes the festival’s main program is held in two divisions, the Dance Composition Division and the New Choreographer Division. The Dance Composition Division this time features 12 finalist groups (from Japan and S. Korea) selected from some 140 applicants from eight countries, while the New Choreographer Division finalists are 12 artists (and units) from Japan under the age of 23. The finalist pieces are to be performed from February 7 to 12 and the Jury Prize and Outstanding New Artist Prize (the grand prizes for the two divisions respectively) and other prizes will be announced on the final day of the festival.
The Prize Winner Performances program will feature Yumi Osanai (2009 Jury Prize and 2010 French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers / MASDANZA-EU Prize), Yuuri Furuie (2009 Jury Prize) and Park Eun Young (2008 Jury Prize). The Program to Engage in Exchanges with Overseas Festivals will feature performances of works by two choreographers recommended by Yokohama’s Chinese partner festival, the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival, and one recommended choreographer from Poland’s Gdansk Dance Festival.
This year also sees the start of a new Japan-Korea Dance Exchange Project “Dance Connection” as a product of Yokohama Dance Collection’s overseas network. Organized in collaboration with the Seoul Dance Collection, the program involves exchange creative residencies by the two festival’s prize-winning choreographers and performances of their works with the aim of stimulating the two countries’ scenes through mutual exchange (Seoul Performing Arts Festival collaborative production / 2011 Japan Ministry of Culture International Arts Exchange Support Program). The participant from Japan is Yumi Osanai and from the ROK choreographer Ro KyungAe (winner of Seoul Dance Collection prize for 2010). These two artists will present a work titled Two Aspects created jointly during their residencies in the two countries. Performances of this work are also schedule for Aomori, Japan afterwards.
During the Festival’s run there will be a free showcase schedule of pieces performed by past Festival participants and roundtable meetings for dance professionals. Directors of overseas dance festivals will also be attending.
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