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Mar. 28, 2012
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Seiji Nozoe, Takahiro Fujita and Mikuni Yanaihara win 56th (2012) Kishida Drama Awards
The final judging of the 56th Kishida Drama Awards organized by Hakusuisha Publishing Co. took place on March 5 and the selected winners were Seiji Nozoe’s ○○ to aru Fukei, Takahiro Fujita’s Kaeri no Aizu, Matteta Shokutaku, Soko, Kitto, Shiofuru Sekai and Mikuni Yanaihara’s Maemuki! Taimon. This is the first time in 29 years that three winners have been selected. One of the selection committee members, Hideki Noda said, “This is the result of the strong recommendations of all three highly diverse works by members of the newly chosen selection committee. But, one trait is shared by all three works. They are all clearly defined by an anti-drama trend, which leads to the hope that we will again see plays with strong dramatic character in the future.” The seven members of the jury were Ryo Iwamatsu, Toshiki Okada, Keralino Sandrovich, Hideki Noda, Suzuki Matsuo, Masataka Matsuda and Akio Miyazawa.
+Winner Profiles
Seiji Nozoe
Born in 1975, Nozoe is a playwright, director and actor. He is leader of the theater company Haegiwa. After studying in the seminar of Suzuki Matsuo in 1999, he formed the Haegiwa unit while still a student at Aoyama Gakuin University. In 2001 it became a theater company. Nozoe has written and directed all of some 30 works the company has produced. His play Haruharu was nominated for the 55th Kishida Drama Award. The winning work this time, ○○ to aru Fukei, premiered at The Suzunari in July 2011.
Takahiro Fujita
Born in 1985, Fujita is a playwright and director and leader of the company mum & gypsy. He majored in Theater Arts in the Liberal Arts College of J.F. Oberlin University (Japan). In 2007, Fujita founded the theater company “mum & gypsy” and has written and directed all the works produced by the company since. His style is characterized by repetitions of symbolic scenes in the form of “refrains” that are presented from different characters’ perspectives, much like the technique of quickly shifting scenes in a movie. His winning work Kaeri no Aizu~wa is one a trilogy that premiered in June, July and August of 2011.
Mikuni Yanaihara
Born in 1970, Yanaihara is a choreographer, director and playwright and leader of the company Nibroll. She formed Nibroll in 1997 and choreographed its works. She launched the Mikuni Yanaihara Project in 2005 and her own theatrical work Ao no tori (Blue Bird) was nominated for the 52nd Kishida Drama Award. Her fourth work, Maemuki! Taimon takes Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens as its base to depict a modern-day Timon trying to live with optimism for the future.
Yuko Kuwabara’s Outen (Stage script)
Takahiro Tamura’s Renketsu no Ko (Stage script)
Akihito Nakatsuru’s Haisui no Koto (Stage script)
Seiji Nozoe’s ○○to aru Fukei (Stage script)
Takahiro Fujita’s Kaeri no Aizu, Matteta Shokutaku, Soko, Kitto, Shiofuru Sekai (Stage script)
Tomohiro Maekawa’s Taiyo (Stage script)
Mikuni Yanaihara’s Maemuki! Taimon (Stage script)
Akira Yamazaki’s Dada no Tamashii desu (Stage script)
+Kishida Drama Awards (Japanese only)