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Aug. 30, 2012
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Kaori Seki wins 8th Toyota Choreography Awards “Choreographer of the Next Generation” prize
On July 22, the final judging for the Toyota Choreography Awards 2012 “Nextage” competition following the six finalists’ performances at Setagaya Public Theatre. Based on the judgments of the jury and guest jury members, the “Choreographer of the Next Generation” prize was awarded to Kaori Seki, while the “Audience Prize” went to Wataru Kitao.
The winner of the Choreographer of the Next Generation prize gets the right to perform in the following year’s winners’ performance schedule and receives 2 million yen toward production cost from Toyota Motor Co. Ltd., with Setagaya Public Theatre’s Theatre Tram provided as the performance venue and use of studio facilities provided at the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum during preparation.
+Winner Profile
Choreographer of the Next Generation prize
Kaori Seki
Seki studied classical ballet from a young age and began contemporary dance from age 18, performing in works by Un Yamada and Takuya Ohashi. She began presenting her own choreographed works from 2003 in performances at venues such as ST Spot Labo 20. In 2007, she established a group of artists of her generation named Mure has been active with the group on an irregular basis. In 2008, Seki’s solo work Yuki-chan won the ST Spot Labo Award and this work was included on the schedule of “Odori ni Iku-ze!” Vol. 10 tour. Since 2009, Seki has produced her own performances with group works. In 2012, her work Hetero choreographed jointly with Teita Iwabuchi won the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer of the Yokohama Dance Collection EX2012. From September of 2012, Seki will study at the Centre national de dance contemporaine Angers in France.
Audience Prize
Wataru Kitao
Kitao has been involved in a wide range of dance activities from classical ballet to street dance. At university he studied dance under Kuniko Kisanuki. There he also met Ryohei Kondo and performed in the works of both Kondo and Kisanuki, while also performing as an actor. In 2009 Kitao founded the dance company Baobab, for which he serves as choreographer, composition artist and director. The group participates in festivals and organizes performance events, and in 2011 organized a two-city tour of the work Relax. Kitao won second place Condors Choreography Competition 2010. His individual activities range widely from creating solo pieces to doing choreography for theater productions.
+Finalists’ works (in performance order)
Anton, Neko, Kuri (Anton, Cat, Chestnut) by Chiharu Shinoda
KAMi by Azusa Takeuchi
Ambivalence by Yuriko Suzuki
Children by Yu Okamoto
Vacuum by Wataru Kitao
Maamonto by Kaori Seki
+Guest Judges
Kuniko Kato, Percussionist
Yukiko Shikata, Media art curator
Keishi Nagatsuka, Playwright, director and actor
Miwa Yanagi, Artist and director
+Award judges
Naoyoshi Fujita, Director of The Museum of Art, Kochi
Yusuke Hashimoto, Program Director of KYOTO EXPERIMENT
Kazuyuki Kajiya, Director of Theater Department of Setagaya Public Theatre
Eri Karatsu, Producer of Aichi Triennale 2013 and Chief Curator of Aichi Arts Center
Yasuyo Kondo, Chief Program Coordinator of Kanazawa 21st Century Museum
Hiromi Maruoka, Director of TPAM in Yokohama
Yukako Ogura, Director of Itami AI Hall
+TOYOTA Choreography Award 2012 (Japanese only)