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Mar. 19, 2012
“India-Japan: Passage to the Next Generation” KENTARO!! Contemporary Dance Performance (Mar. 16 to 24, 2012)
 This show includes contemporary dance and theater based on the concept of embodiment and the performing arts.
India has a long history of colorful, splendid traditional dances that combine high-level artistry and exceptional techniques. These dances have led to the rise of contemporary performing arts that approach modern society through physical expression.
Japan is also renowned for its great traditional and modern performing arts. This event provides the opportunity to take a look back at embodiment and the performing arts in Japan and feel the flows from traditional to contemporary physical expression in India and Japan.
This live performance by KENTARO!! based on street dance techniques, particularly hip-hop, mixes spontaneous improvisation with elaborate choreography to tell a story through unique expression that includes various everyday elements.

- March 16, 2012 (Chinmaya Mission, New Delhi)
- March 20, 2012 (National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai)
- March 24, 2012 (Attakkalari Studio, Bangalore)

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