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Feb. 28, 2012
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“Tanzplattform” opens in Dresden (Feb. 23 – 26, 2012)
Now in its 10th holding, the biennial contemporary dance festival “German Dance Platform” (Tanzplattform) held on a rotating basis in cities of Germany is held this year in Dresden, capital of the state of Saxony. The main venue is the Hellerau festival hall, which has been developed over the past 100 years by such famous artists from various fields as Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, Adolphe Appia, Alexander von Salzmann and Heinrich Tessenow, and today it recognized as the premier location for contemporary dance in eastern Germany. The host organization is the HELLERAU–European Center for the Arts Dresden.
This time, in addition to the German works selected for the program by the selection jury, a number of acclaimed international works were invited. This year’s resident artists at HELLERAU, the Forsythe Company performs one of the representative works from its repertoire, N.N.N.N. Also, the company collaborates with Dresden’s Semperoper Ballett company to premiere new choreographies by William Forsythe. Other invited works include Constanza Macras’ BERLIN ELSEWHERE, a work that deals with the pathological side-effects of modern life, and Meg Stuart’s most recent work, Violet, which was performed at the 2011 Avignon Festival.
The program of ten works by noted young German choreographers selected by the festival jury features IRGENDWO, a meeting of breakdance and contemporary dance by one of Pina Bausch’s most influential soloists, Malou Airaudo; ABDRÜCKE, a piece by Anna Konjetzky performed in the claustrophobic space of a glass cube lined with mirrors; and REVOLVER BESORGEN by Helena Waldmann, which explores the ability to forget as a positive, liberating function of the human brain.
Also, for the first time this year, Tanzplattform adopts a “pitch” session program that enables ten choreographers and artists to communicate freely with presenters and artists, giving insights into their work within a 30 minute time slot using video presentations, etc.
Walter heun on Presenter Interview

Festival Outline
Tanzplattform was launched in 1994 to serve as the German counterpart jury (platform) for the French International Meeting of Dance of Bagnolet. The first festival was held in Berlin as a collaborative project by the three cities of Berlin Frankfurt and Munich presenting works by 25 companies around Germany and attracting 130 promoters from around the world. Held biennially since then, the second holding was in Frankfurt and the third in Munich. For each festival producers and journalists are invited from Germany and abroad, and the festival itself has become established as the leading platform offering the latest in German contemporary dance. Since its third holding, the festival has been hosted by Hamburg (2000), Leipzig (2002), Dusseldorf (2004), Stuttgart (2006), Hannover (2008), Nuremberg (2010) and now in Dresden (2012).