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May. 17, 2012
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10th San Francisco International Arts Festival (May 2 – 20, 2012)
Now in its tenth year, San Francisco International Arts Festival 2012 spotlights arts from diverse cultures with a lineup of 32 works from 12 countries, ranging from Cuba to Iran and Russia. With the Marines Memorial Theater as its main venue, the festival also uses five indoor and outdoor sites including the International Festival Lounge and Yerba Buena Gardens.
Gracing the opening is a “Mixed Repertory” performance by the folkloric ensemble Raíces Profundas of Cuba. From Iran, Nassim Soleimanpour , who is unable to leave due to anti-government activities, has instead sent a script titled White Rabbit, Red Rabbit to be opened and performed unrehearsed by a different actor each day. Russia’s Liquid Theatre will perform Antidot, a work blending street, circus, dance and theater performance methods. From Japan, National Living Treasure Mansaku Nomura and his Mansaku-no Kai, a classical comedy theater “kyogen” company perform Suminuri and three other works. Also, dance works by the Susanna Leinonen company of Finland and the Marc Brew company of the UK and a program of 16 music performances are scheduled.
This is a festival also known for its abundance of joint international productions, and this time the program includes a return performance of The Crazy Cloud Collection by Japan’s Ko Murobushi and the local company inkBoat that premiered at this festival in 2010 plus four other collaborative works by choreographers, dancers and musicians from the UK, Switzerland, Colombia and Estonia working with local San Francisco companies.

Festival Outline
San Francisco International Arts Festival was launched in 2003 as a joint effort by leading arts facilities and presenters. Its mission is to introduce cutting-edge arts by inviting the highest quality works in theater, dance, music, circus, visual art and film and to be a platform for international exchange for San Francisco and Bay area artists.
+SFIAF (San Francisco International Arts Festival)