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Aug. 7, 2012
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Taipei Arts Festival opens (Aug. 2 – Sept. 9, 2012)
Held this year for its 14th time, this is one of Taiwan’s leading festivals. For 2012 the festival’s theme is “Comedy in the Modern Time” and program includes 12 works of theater of the absurd, improvisational theater and installations from Taiwan and seven foreign countries including Japan. Opening the festival is an interpretation of a representative work of theater of the absurd, Eugene Ionesco’s Les Chaises, directed by Switzerland’s Luc Bondy. The festival will use eight venues around the city of Taipei including the Metropolitan Hall, the Wellspring Theatre, the Wen-Shan Theater and the Taipei Zhongshan Hall.
The program includes two invited works from Japan. The Okazaki Art Theatre led by emerging young director Yudai Kamisato will present its work Hemispherical Red and Black that premiered at Festival/Tokyo 2011. The other is a Japanese rakugo comedy show by Shunchou Katsura presenting the pieces Kazutoyo Yamanouchi & Chiyo and Shichidanme.
From Taiwan, come a dance work titled Breakfast by Shang-Chi Sun, a choreographer active primarily in Europe; the music theater work titled An Italian Straw Hat by Theatre de la Sardine led by the female director Chao-chi Ma; and a remake of Brecht’s Threepenny Opera by the Yi-shin Taiwanese Opera Troupe titled Where is Mackie. Also on the program is a work titled The Happy Solitude Show by musician Ying Wei-Min composed of live performance, theater, documentary and installation elements, with an installation by Taiwan-based Japanese artist Asako Otsuka.
On the visual arts program, German artist and curator Torsten Blume curates the exhibition “Play Bauhaus” throughout the festival duration at the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, a venue that is the product of a project to renovate historical buildings in the city. The exhibition deals with Bauhaus Theatre’s history using installation, performances, lectures and workshops.

Festival Outline
Organized by the City of Taipei, this arts festival has been held every summer since 1999. In recent years, the city of Taipei has attracted international attention with its pursuit of projects aimed at creating a “city of culture,” such as renovating historical buildings with art and building the new Taipei Performing Arts Center, all as part of a national program to strengthen the arts and culture. From 2012, the festival’s artistic director is KENG Yi-Wei.
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