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Oct. 29, 2012
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Zürcher Theater Spektakel 2012, ZKB Patronage Prize winners decided
Zurich, Switzerland’s largest performing arts festival held each autumn, the Zurcher Theater Spektakel ran from August 16 to September 2 this year. In its 33rd holding, the 2012 festival program included 44 works from 29 countries with six theater, eight dance and five music theater productions. The festival opened with Argentine choreographer Constanza Macras’ work Open For Everything a dance theater work on the subject of Eastern Europe’s Gypsies using 19 singers. From Japan, Noriyuki Kiguchi and his Akumanoshirushi group were invited and performed The Carry-in-Project #8.
The program included three world premieres. Director Brett Bailey from the Federal Republic of South Africa whose subject is post-colonialism, collaborates with young Dutch scriptwriter Oscar van Woensel to present a music theater work titled medEia about the plight of Africans in Europe. Also, the Swiss theater company kraut produktion presented five works over five day on the subject of short lives under the title Freiheit ist, das Theater auch einmal vor Ende der Vorstellung verlassen zu dürfen; and the young Swiss dance company Stylize Productions that uses a mix of dance ranging from hip hop and jazz dance, tap dance, etc., brought to the stage its first full-length show titled Outside the Box.
The festival’s ZKB Patronage Prize for artists or groups with no previous awards went to German choreographer Arco Renz, who in collaboration with six Cambodian dancers presented a work titled Crack that explores the living conditions and spirit of these contemporary Asians. Other nominees included the Dutch director Jetse Batelaan whose work Varieté Bodybuilders using nine Thai kick boxers in a depiction of absurdities in daily life; the Polish director Marta Górnicka’s coral theater work Tu mówi chór; and the Belgian brother duo Campo’s Jake & Pete’s Big Reconciliation Attempt for the Disputes from the Pas.
On the program of the “Short Pieces” series for short works by young artists were 11 works including South Korea’s dawon arts artist Jeong Geumhyung’s Video Camera, German-based exiled Chinese political objector and writer Liao Yiwu’s lecture performance. Among these, the installation performance Die Scheinwerferin by German-based Japanese artist Naoko Tanaka won the ZKB Acknowledgement Prize.

Festival Outline
Launched in 1980, this is one of Europe’s most important festivals. With steady financing by Zuercher Kantonalbank (a public sector banking institution) this festival has consistently presented a program of works by artists and companies from within and outside of Europe. During the festival’s run, open cafes, restaurants and an outdoor theater are set up in a lakeside park in Zurich in a effort to create an environment that gives the citizens close access to the performing arts. The festival’s director is Sandro Lunin.
 The festival awards talented artists each time with its ZKB Patronage Prize and ZKB Acknowledgement Prize. The two awards include monetary prizes of 30,000 Swiss francs (approx. 2.5 million yen) and 5,000 Swiss francs (approx. 400,000 yen) respectively to support future activities as a way of encouraging long-term cultural contribution. Past winners include Stefan Pucher, 400asa, Marco Berrettini, Sarah Michelson, Living Dance Studio (China) (/E/pre_interview/0803/1.html), Young Jean Lee, Faifai (Japan) and others.
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