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Jan. 11, 2013
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New York’s Coil Festival opens (Jan. 3 – 19, 2013)
Coil Festival is a contemporary performing arts festival organized by Performance Space 122 (commonly known as PS122) at the time of the annual APAP conference and market. The 8th holding of the festival in 2013 collaborates with The Kitchen, The Dixon Space and others to present a program of 11 works from four countries, including four world premieres.
One of the world premieres is a play by the New York theater company Radiohole titled Inflatable Frankenstein that takes as its subject the Frankenstein story and the tragic life of its author, Mary Shelley. Another is a work by writer/director Tina Satter and her Half Straddle company titled Seagull (Thinking of you) , which re-explores the Chekhov classic, The Seagull. The remaining two are There There, the result of a collaboration between writer/performer Kristen Kosmas and director Paul Willis, and Ruff by the 2011 PS122 Award winner, Peggy Shaw.
Also on the program is a work by young Croatian artists Tea Tupajić and Petra Zanki and six collaborating curators titled The Curators’ Piece (A Trial Against Art) and the dance work Super Nature, a ecological melodrama created through a collaboration between The Body Cartography Project and composer Zeena Parkins.

Festival Outline
Coil is a festival organized by Performance Space 122 in New York at the time of the annual APAP conference. It is an off-site counterpart to the Under the Radar festival held at the same time. It frequently uses a number of venues around the city besides PS122. Its program usually consists of smaller-scale works of dance and theater. The festival’s artistic director, Vallejo Gantner was the artistic director of the Dublin Fringe Festival from 2002 to ’04 accredited with raising the artistic level of Dublin Fringe. The artists presented in Coil are primarily ones active in the New York area.
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