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Feb. 18, 2013
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18th Japan Playwrights Association New Playwright Prize goes to Yu Harada for Miageru Sakana to Me ga Au Ka ?
The final jury meeting for the 18th Japan Playwrights Association New Playwright Prize organized by the Japan Playwrights Association was held on Dec. 9, 2012at Za Koenji in Tokyo and the winner from among the six finalists was Yu Harada, for his play Miageru Sakana to Me ga Au Ka ? (When the fish looks up, will our eyes meet?). This work is the script for the maiden play of the theater unit “Hana to Re to Hikouno kai” formed by Harada. From the jury members came such comments of praise such as, “This is truly an apt portrayal of ‘today’s people’ (Eri Watanabe); “There may not even be a person who is about to jump. And there doesn’t even need to be one. That is the skill of the author’s achievement.” (Yoji Sakate); “It portrays ‘today’ in a daily life version of Minoru Betsuyaku’s theater of the absurd.” (Takeshi Kawamura).
For the 2012 (18th) award there were some 200 applications. Of the 19 works that passed the first selection stage, six were chosen as finalist in the second stage of the selection. Reports of the selection process can be seen on the official website.
Junichi Hirota, Ureshii Himei (Tokyo)
Nen Ishihara, Hito no Kaori (Osaka)
Atsuto Suzuki, Global Baby Factory (Tokyo)
Aya Hasegawa, Megane to Mask (Aichi Pref.)
Yu Harada, Miageru Sakana to Me ga Au Ka ? (Tokyo)
Ruiko Miyazono, Itsuwari no Nai Machi (Fukuoka Pref.)
Takeshi Kawamura, Yoji Sakate, Norihiko Tsukuda, Hideo Tsuchiya, Nozomi Makino, Kensuke Yokouchi, Eri Watanabe
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