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Jan. 28, 2013
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TPAM in Yokohama 2013 follow-up information: Overseas presenters for Japan Foundation invitation selected
The international presenters to be invited to TPAM in Yokohama (Feb. 9 – 17) by the Japan Foundation as member of the TPAM in Yokohama organizing committee have been selected. As of Jan. 25, a total of 13 festival and theater directors and artists from Asia, North and Latin Americas Russia have been selected and by Japan Foundation.
1. Deric Gan Eng Kee (Director, actor from Beijing, China)
2. Liping Lu (Producer, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre from Shanghai, China)
3. Dewi Noviami (Program Director, Jakarta Arts Council from Jakarta, Indonesia)
4. Yani Mae (Producer, director, actor from Kota Bandung, Indonesia)
5. Lisa Sripatanasakul (Founder of Mute Mime, mime performer, Bankok, Thailand)
6. Felimon B.Blanco (Founder of ZamboSur Arts Center, director from Zamboanga, Philippines)
7. Pham Anh Phuong (Representative, The Vietnam National Opera and Ballet company from Hanoi, Vietnam)
8. Joe Sidek (George Director of Town Festival from Penang, Malaysia)
9. Mndeep Raikhy (Managing Director of The Gati Dance Forum from New Delhi, India)
10. Mariana Arteaga (dance curator, coordinator from Mexico City, Mexico)
11. Pedro de Freitas (Representative of Periplo Production from Sao Paolo, Brazil)
12. Marija Januskina (Project Coordinator, Golden Mask Festival from Moscow, Russia)
13. Anna Belyaeva (Media curator, Platforma Project from Moscow, Russia)
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