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Mar. 18, 2013
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Masaaki Akahori and Hideto Iwai win 57th (2013) Kishida Drama Awards
The final judging of the 57th Kishida Drama Awards organized by Hakusuisha Publishing Co. took place on February 5th and the winners chosen were Masaaki Akahori for Itchome Zomeki and Hideto Iwai for Aru Onna. Both plays premiered in 2012 and the winning texts were based on the stage scripts of the performances of Akahori’s company THE SHAMPOO HAT and Iwai’s company Gekidan hi-bye.
The seven members of the jury were Ryo Iwamatsu, Toshiki Okada, Keralino Sandorovich, Hideki Noda, Suzuki Matsuo, Masataka Matsuda and Akio Miyazawa.
A jury comment about Itchome Zomeki said, “We are attracted by the way the lines of the characters throughout the play give natural glimpses of their boorish personalities and by the skill in creating situations that bring depth to the play. (Okada)” About Aru Onna a juror said, “I recommend it highly. There are few plays like this where on virtually every page of the script I found something fascinating! (Matsuo)”
+Winner’s Profiles
Masaaki Akahori
Born 1971 in Chiba Pref. Akahori is playwright, director and actor for the company THE SHAMPOO HAT. Among his representative works are America, Tsudanuma, Sono Yoru no Samurai (The Samurai That Night) and Sunamachi no Oh.
Hideto Iwai   “Artist Interview” on this website
Born 1974 in Tokyo. Iwai graduated from Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music. He is the leader of the theater company hi-bye, a playwright and director and a member of the directing department of the Seinendan company. Among his best-known works are Te, Hikky Cancun Tornado, Onegai Hokago and Nagerareyasui Ishi.
Masaaki Akahori, Itchome Zomeki (Stage script)
Hideto Iwai’s Aru Onna (Stage script)
Yoko Kitagawa’s Ringo (Stage script)
SARIngROCK’s Morete 100 nen (Stage script)
Norihito Nakayashiki, Musabetsu (Stage script)
Seigo Hatasawa, Tobe! Genshiryoku Robot Mutsu (Stage script)
Satoshi Hayafune, Erenoa (Stage script)
Takeshi Mizunuma, New Hairstyle Is Good (Stage script)
+Kishida Kunio Drama Awards