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Mar. 18, 2013
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Akira Kasai and Akaji Maro win 7th JaDaFo Dance Award
The winners have been announced for the 7th JaDaFo Dance Awards organized by the Japan Dance Forum (JaDaFo). The winners of the Grand Prix are Akira Kasai and Akaji Maro, while JaDaFo Awards were given to Akiko Kitamura and Mikiko Kawamura.
Founded in 2004, JaDaFo is a forum made up of dance critics and producers dedicated to the task of offering constructive and informative contemporary dance criticism in Japan and supporting the creation of new value in artistic expression. The awards are for dance performances in Japan by Japanese artists or collaborative works between Japanese and foreign artists and include the JaDaFo Grand Prix for one artist or artist group (choreographers, directors) achieving outstanding results during the year and the JaDaFo Award for small group performances. Contestants are recommended, judged and winners selected by the JaDaFo members.
The winners of the Grand Prix this time, Akira Kasai and Akaji Maro, were both born in 1943. The two have long lead their respective Tenshikan studio (by Kasai) and Dairakudakan butoh company (by Maro) and their first-ever collaboration in the recent work Hayasasurahime won high acclaim. As for the JaDaFo Award winners, Akiko Kitamura was awarded for her “To Belong” project involving a collaboration between Japanese and Indonesian dancers, musicians and video artists, and Mikiko Kawamura was awarded for works including her solo piece Hebi no Shinzo that premiered at the Yokohama Dance Collection EX2012 and for the acclaim she has won for her activities until now and the new developments she has shown.
The awards party and symposium are to be held on April 1 (Mon.) at the Kodomo no Shiro facility in Tokyo.
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