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May. 31, 2013
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First overseas performances by Saitama Gold Theater company with its average member age of 74
Saitama Gold Theater is a senior citizen theater company made up of members all over the age of 55 and is led by Yukio Ninagawa, artistic director of the Sai-no-Kuni Saitama Arts Theater. This year, 2013 marks the eighth year since the company’s founding, and for the first time it will be performing overseas at the Maison de la Culture du Japon in Paris, from May 30 to June 1.
Saitama Gold Theater is a company proposed by director Yukio Ninagawa with the aim of creating a group that could offer elderly people the opportunity to draw on their personal histories and discover new aspects of themselves through physical expression. Since it was established in 2006, the company’s activities as a theater group the brings the shared experience of aging to new expressive forms as theater with a creative direction differing from professional actor companies, has drawn attention not only in the theater world but also as a model case in the search for new possibilities for lifestyles in Japan rapidly aging society.
The work to be performed in Paris this time is Kunio Shimizu’s play Karasu yo, Oretachi ha Tama wo komeru (Raven, We Shall Load Bullets). It is a story of a battle with anarchy as a few dozen old women take over a courtroom and conduct a trial with the judge and prosecutors held hostage. The company has an average age of 74, with the youngest at 62 and the oldest 87, who are joined in the performance by some actors from the young theater company Saitama Next Theater. In Japan, this production has been performed at the Sai-no-Kuni Saitama Arts Theater as well as in Yokohama and Kumagaya.
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