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Oct. 21, 2013
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KYOTO EXPERIMENT 2013 international performing arts festival opened (Sept. 28 – Oct. 27, 2013)
This year in its fourth holding as a performing arts festival in Kyoto, the KYOTO EXPERIMENT 2013 presents a schedule of 10 works from the six countries of Japan, Brazil, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Argentina (seven of the works are collaborative productions initiated by the festival.
Brazilian choreographer/dancer Maecelo Evelin / Demolition Inc., perform their work Suddenly Everyone is Black People created during a residence period at last year’s Kyoto event and first performed as a world premiere at Rio de Janeiro’s Festival Panorama. Another artist, Billy Cowie of the UK, who launched a project at Kyoto in 2012, returns to mount the world premiere of a stage performance and 3D video installation work created in residence with Japanese dancers Tomohiko Kyogoku and Yumiko Minami titled Art of Movement and Dark Rain.
In the theater program, the German female performance group She She Pop presents the work Drawers that explores the division and eventually the reunification of east and West Germany through conversations between former East and West Germans. Argentine Lola Arias presents Melancholy and Demonstrations, a work based on the memoirs of her own mother from the period harsh political realities of her country’s past, while chelfitsch gives the Japanese premiere of their latest work, Ground and Floor.
Appearing at Kyoto for the first time, Niwagekidan Penino presents Box In The Big Trunk a reworking of three works from their “Ark” series of plays performed in small-spaces. After appearing in the fringe program for three consecutive years, the young dance company Baobab appears on the official program for the first time. Also, Ryoji Ikeda and Tadasu Takamine and Kinoshita-Kabuki with Sambaso as its base put on a tour-themed performance work filling the entire theater.
The Fringe program introducing domestic artists undergoes a renewal this year with 20 open-entry works and a director Yoshiro Hatori heads a project on the theme of “The Useful Program.”

Festival Outline
Taking “KYOTO EXPERIMENT” as its catch phrase, this is an international festival launched in 2010 with the aim of presenting cutting-edge performing arts from Kyoto, Japan and the world. The festival is organized by a committee made up of representatives from the Kyoto Municipal Government, the Kyoto Art Center, the Kyoto City Association for Arts and Culture, the Kyoto Performing Arts Center of Kyoto University of Arts and Design and the Kyoto City Music Art Cultural Promoting Foundation. With the Kyoto Art Center as its main base, each festival presents about ten invited works from Japan and abroad at main theaters in the city along with a program of lectures, workshops and other events. Since the festival’s founding, the program director has been Yusuke Hashimoto.