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Dec. 25, 2013
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Kenji Nakamura’s Tsuishin (P.S.) announced winner of 20th OMS Drama Prize
On Dec. 13, 2013, in the final judging for the 20th OMS Drama Prize (organized by Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.) for playwrights active in western Japan’s Kansai region, Kenji Nakamura’s play Tsuishin (Postscript, P.S.) was selected for the grand prize. Born in 1969, Kenji Nakamura is a playwright and director leading the theater company Sora no Eki. He was also the winner of the Honorable Mention award of the 10th OMS Drama Prize.
Nakamura’s prize-winning play Tsuishin (P.S.) is an omnibus work in three parts titled “Kotei nite” (In the Schoolyard), “Jido Koen nite” (In the Children’s Park) and “Byoin no Chikaku no Koen nite” (In a Park Near the Hospital). Throughout, the work is a quiet requiem to the deceased that takes the form of exchanges between the dead in elusive states that may be reality or dream that are played out in scenes reminiscent of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011.
This time the Honorable Mention award went to Tomohiro Hida’s play Hadashi no Kodomo wa Niwatori (Barefoot Children Were Chickens) and a Special Prize was awarded to Shinichiro Hayashi’s Times. Information about the ten 2013 OMS finalist playwrights and works can be viewed at the website link below.
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Yorozu Ikuta, Makoto Sato, Toshiro Suzue, Masataka Matsuda, Eri Watanabe
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