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Mar. 14, 2013
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Avignon Festival Les Hivernales opens (Feb. 23 – Mar. 2, 2013)
This is the dance festival held each year in February in one of the capitals of the performing arts, Avignon, France. Since 2005, it has been held mainly at Theatre des Hivernales. In its 35th holding this year, the festival program presents 24 works, five of which are world premieres.
The world premieres are director of the Theatre of Gennevilliers, Pascal Rambert’s Memento Mori, Trucmuche compagnie leader and choreographer Michaël Allibert’s Office du Tourisme, American media artist and choreographer Jonah Bokaer’s Le Syndrome d’Ulysse, French choreographer Robin Decourcy’s Nearly Nine Tea, and Moroccan-French choreographer Samir El yamni’s Carnets de route.
Prominent other works include Diari d’accions by Spanish choreographer Pere Faura’s, and the French debut of d.opa! by the Aerites Dance Company led by Patricia Apergi. During the there was an exhibition and film showing at Maison Jean Vilar, commemorating the founder of the Avignon Theatre Festival. The festival schedule also included a full program of workshops and related programs.

Festival Outline
This winter festival was launched in 1979 as an event with performances held in theaters in Avignon and the surrounding towns. In 1995 the dance festival acquired a studio to base itself in, and in 2001 this became one of the national choreography centers. Then in 2005 the Theatre des Hivernales was opened, and since that year there has also been a L’ete des Hivernales (Summer of Winter) festival held in the summer. For this reason, the term Les Hivernales is used to refer to the choreography center as well as the festival and the theater. At the center performances and workshops are held year-round, but every winter the festival is held in February with a program focusing on the genres of contemporary dance and modern dance, which is organized with an associate director system for the overall programming.
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