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Jun. 4, 2013
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South Korea’s Ansan Street Arts Festival held (May 3 – 5, 2013)
This is a festival of street performance bringing together a variety of outdoor performances, mime and circus performances in the city of Ansan. The artistic director for the 2013 festival is AsiaNow representative Choi Seok Kyu and its theme is “Transforming the town, re-discovering the city” and the schedule included 40 groups from Korea and overseas. The main venue is the Ansan Culture Square in the city center and the opening event was highlighted by a parade directed by the festival’s artistic director Choi featuring artists from over ten companies and citizens of Ansan, as well as the theme performances.
Artists from abroad included the Spanish artist collective Insectotropics made up of video artists, painters and others, presented the multimedia performance La Caputxeta galàctica; The French “vertical performance” [aerial] dance company Retouramont performed its gravity-defying Danse des cariatides along the walls of buildings; specialists in pole work and acrobatics, the Belgian Company PAKIPAYA performed its circus act Shake Shake Shake; Austrian sound artist Matthias ERIAN collaborated with Korean choreographer Howool BAEK to present the work Nothing for 60min; and Italian musician Lorenzo Gianmario Galli presented a one-man-band performance combined with mime.
From Korea there was a new work by the winner of the 2012 Ansan Fringe festival, company Godot and related participation type programs along with the fringe festival (ASAFringe) held at the same time.

Festival Outline
This is a festival of street performance including a variety of types of outdoor performances, mime and circus performances held in the city of Ansan in Gyeonggi-do province about a 1-hours drive from the center of the Republic of Korea’s capital of Seoul. Held each year in May since 2005, the festival drew a total audience of more than 700,000 in its 2012 run. The venue for performances is the 50,000 sq. m. Ansan Culture Square in front of the city hall at the city center. From 2013, the artistic director is Choi Seok Kyu, who is also the representative of AsiaNow.
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