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Jul. 24, 2013
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Open Court Festival for playwrights opens (Jun. 10 – Jul. 20, 2013)
London’s Royal Court Theatre presents a festival for and by playwrights with over 140 writers participating. The program is one being managed by Vicky Featherstone, who took over as the Royal Court Theatre’s new artistic director in 2013. The focus of the entire program is on plays and playwrights and it features a variety of projects including Weekly Rep [Repertory], Theatre Local, Surprise Theatre and others.
In the Weekly Rep project, a new play will be produced every week, for six weeks, by one ensemble of 14 actors and four directors. The plays to be presented are by emerging playwrights including Lasha Bughadze of Germany, Lucas Hnath and Nikole Beckwith from the United States, Suhayla El-Bushra from Sudan and Clare Lizzimore and Alistair McDowall from the UK.
The Theatre Local project aims to take plays to alternative spaces outside the theatre. The program includes two new works in Scottish playwright David Greig’s The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart and American playwright Annie Baker’s Circle Mirror Transformation.
The Theatre Surprise project, true to its name, presents a schedule of plays that are not announced until they are performed, while the Big Idea project presents works on six themes including Sex, Age, Death, Collaboration and Kids Court theatre for children. The other projects are Playwright@Your Table, with playwrights doing readings of their own plays at venues near the theater, the Soap Opera project in which soap operas written by Royal Court playwrights are performed nightly in short episodes, and the Lost in Theater project that invites audiences to pick up headphones and listen in on plays hidden in the Royal Court vicinity.
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About Royal Court Theatre
Royal Court Theatre is a national theatre opened in 1888 and continuing for well over a century (its predecessor was the New Chelsea Theatre opened in 1870). In 1956, the English Stage Company was established as the theatre’s resident company, and ever since it has had a reputation as a theatre for playwrights presenting primarily newly written plays. Since 1966, it has supported young playwrights of 25 years and under with its Young Writers Programme. Over 500 performances of some 25 works are staged each year in Royal Court’s two theatres, drawing a total audience of over 120,000. 1974 saw the launch of a festival for playwrights, now held biennially. A series of theatre directors have served as Royal Court’s artistic directors, and from 2013 the post is held by Vicky Featherstone, first artistic director of the National Theatre of Scotland.
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