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Oct. 21, 2013
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40 Jahre Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch (PINA40) opens (Sept. 5, 2013 – May 25, 2014)
In this, the fourth year since the passing of Pina Bausch, the 40 Jahre Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch (PINA40) celebrates the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Tanztheater Wuppertal company with a nine-month festival beginning from September 5th. The venues are the opera house, movie theaters, the sculpture park and other event spaces around the city of Wuppertal, Germany where the company is based as well as the theaters and opera houses of Essen and Dusseldorf with which close relations exist. The festival’s extensive program includes not only performances of the company’s repertory pieces from the past but also movies about Tanztheater Wuppertal and concerts by related musicians, exhibitions, workshops and more.
The opening featured works like Palermo Palermo that premiered in 1989, and other works from the past to be performed are as follows: Café Müller / The Rite of Spring (1978), 1980 – A Piece by Pina Bausch (1980), Bandoneon (1981), Carnations (1982), Viktor (1986), Ahnen (1987), Wiesenland (2000), For the Children of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (2002), Bamboo Blues (2007), Sweet Mambo (2008).
One of the programs drawing special attention is titled the “Stravinsky Triple Bill” of Wind von West / Der zweite Frühling / Das Frühlingsopfer. This work that premiered in 1975, is being restaged and performed by students of the Julliard School of Music where Pina Bausch studied on scholarship in the 1960s and her alma mater, the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen. There will also performances of works by dance artists formerly with Tanztheater Wuppertal, such as Fabien Prioville, whose dance company will perform a new work at the Tanzhouse nrw in Dusseldorf.
Appearing in the “Friends” of the company talk sessions are an illustrious group of dance artists and choreographers including William Forsythe, Robert Wilson, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, the Swedish choreographer Mats Ek, the leader of Taiwan’s Cloud Gate Dance Theater, Lin Hwai-min and the Belgian choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoul.
Other features of the program are an installation by Peter Pabst, who created stage art for the company for many years, showings of an assortment of films of Tanztheater Wuppertal performances and documentaries about the company, a concert of stage music by Japanese composer and musician Jun Miyake and other events introducing aspects of the company from a number of different perspectives. In the Opera House lobby a series of interviews are planned with contemporary dancers and other related figures speaking about the late Pina Bausch as the great choreographer to be added to her archive.