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Dec. 9, 2013
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The Munich theater festival “SPIELART” opened (Nov. 15-30, 2013)
Held every other year since 1995, Spielart Festival München celebrated its tenth holding this year as a theater festival presenting the latest trends and movements in the international and domestic performing arts.
This year’s festival opened with the following three works. The renowned Berlin-based cross-genre performing arts project Gintersdorfer/Klaßen, active since 2005, presented the world premiere of La Nouvelle Pensée Noire. This work features artists from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda and explores governmental and religious backgrounds in these countries and the role of the mainstream news and other media in creating the current image of Africa, and it questions the concept of Pan-Africanism. The New York-based company Nature Theater of Oklahoma presented episodes one to four of its work Life & Times. The Belgian contemporary visual artist Miet Warlop presented the psychedelic performance work Mystery Magnet in which characters of her own creation go after each other with an obsessive drive and annihilating each other in the manner of comics art.
Among the world premieres on the program were Tim Etchells’ performance experiment with a live mix of texts titled A Broadcast / Looping Pieces, and Geunhyong Jeong’s CPR Practice (the practice of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). Also on the program were three performances by Living Dance Studio of Beijing, including the performance Memory dealing with the subject of China’s Cultural Revolution; Western Society by the Berlin-based artist group Gob Squad, which presents a portrait of a family as an interactive live film event; Swamp Club by Philippe Quesne; the site-specific work Field Works – Hotel by Heine Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki.
As a special commemorative program for this tenth holding of the festival, ten artists and groups from eight countries in the areas of performing arts, visual arts, and architecture present their perspectives and reflections on life in a metropolis in the form of free installations or performances.
Also held during the festival was a panel discussion under the title POLYCITY presenting a critical perspective to images, debates and policies of migration; and the platform titled WAKE UP! – An assembly for a different Europe.

Festival Outline
Launched in 1995 as a biennial theater festival, SPIELART is organized by the non-profit organization Spielmotor München e.V., an initiative of the City of Munich and the BMW Group. Held over a two-week period in the autumn, the festival invites artists representing the latest trends and movements in the international world of performing arts. In past festivals have seen performances by Japanese artists including Dumb Type, tokidoki-jido, Potudo-ru and Chelfitsch. The festival also has active programs promoting communication between the audience and artists in the form of talks and workshops. The artistic directors since the festival’s beginning are Tilmann Broszat and Gottfried Hattinger.
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