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Nov. 27, 2014
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8th JaDaFo Dance Awards Grand Prix winner is Un Yamada
The winners have been announced for the 8th JaDaFo Dance Awards organized by the Japan Dance Forum (JaDaFo). The winner of the Grand Prix is Un Yamada, and the winners of the JaDaFo Award were Ryohei Kondo and Condors/Maki Morishita and Tabaimo.
These awards are for dance performances in Japan by Japanese artists or collaborative works between Japanese and foreign artists selected from among contestants recommended by the members of the Japan Dance Forum, made up of dance critics and producers. The awards and include the JaDaFo Grand Prix for one artist (choreographers, directors), performance group or dancer(s) achieving outstanding results during the year, and the JaDaFo Award for small group performances.
This time, the JaDaFo Grand Prix was awarded to Un Yamada, who began activities as a choreographer in 1996 and founded her own dance company “Co. Yamada Un” in 2002. The award recognizes Yamada’s outstanding achievements throughout the year with the choreographing of her solo piece DICTEE and company works The Rite of Spring and Marriage. Also recognized with the JaDaFo Award was Ryohei Kondo for his activities with his Condors group and Maki Morishita for activities in directing the opening ceremonies of both the National Sports Festival and National Sports Festival for People with Disabilities and for the work Sabi kara Deta Mi (Grease in your own stew) presented in collaboration with visual artist Tabaimo.
Un Yamada Interview
+Jury Members
Akira Amagasaki, Tatsuro Ishii, Makoto Ishikawa, Ryoichi Enomoto, Sae Okami, Kazuyuki Kajiya, Toru Kawasaki, Eri Karatsu, Maimi Sato, Hirohiko Soejima, Akiko Tachiki, Rumika Nishida, Shigeto Nuki, Naoko Haga and Masashi Miura
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