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Aug. 11, 2014
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Lineup announced for the reorganized Festival/Tokyo 14
The outline and main contents have been announced for the program of the Tokyo performing arts festival Festival/Tokyo 14 (F/T 14). Under a new organization with Sachio Ichimura as director, F/T 14 will take place over a one-month period beginning on November 1st with the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre as the main venue and numerous other venues in tie-ups with the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo.
As the festival’s 7th holding, F/T 14 adopts the theme of “Border Play” (Kyokaisen-jo de Asobu) as will present a program of new collaborative works by artists in the spotlight today in the fields of contemporary theater, dance, visual arts and music. This time an new “Asia Series” program presenting on Asian performing arts will also join the festival, with its first edition focusing on Korea’s multi-genre dawong arts movement. The F/T 14 will open with Project FUKUSHIMA! directed by musician Yoshihide Otomo presenting “Festival FUKUSHIMA! @Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park.” This will be followed by a varied program including symposiums, film showings and related seminars for each of the works on the program. For details see the F/T website.
Program Outline
Dates: Nov. 1 (Sat.) – 30 (Sun.)
Venues: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Owlspot Theater, Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory, Theater Green, Asahi Art Square etc.
Organizers: Festival/Tokyo Organizing Committee, Toshima Ward, Toshima-Mirai Arts Foundation, Arts Network Japan (NPO)
Official Program
• “Festival FUKUSHIMA! @Ikebukuro West Exit Park” - directed by Yoshihide Otomo with Project FUKUSHIMA!
• “The Valley of Astonishment” - directed by Peter Brook and Marie-Hélène Estienne (France)
• “Rashomon | Yabunonaka” - George Ibrahim (Al-Kasaba Theatre) (artistic director) [Palestine] + Yukari Sakata (direction) [Japan] + Mé (stage design) [Japan] + Kaku Nagashima (dramaturgy) [Japan]
• “The Rite of Spring” - Momoko Shiraga (choreography) + Yuko Mohri (stage design) + Yasuno Miyauchi (music direction) [Japan]
• “8” - directed by Kaori Nishio [Japan]
• “The Cherry Orchard” - Mikuni Yanaihara (project text); direction: Mikuni Yanaihara [Japan]
• “Mr. Creature” - Hirokazu Morikawa (choreography, cast) + Itaru Sugiyama (stage design, costumes) [Japan]
• “He said/She said” - direction, performance: Moe Satt [Myanmar]
• “Ghosts 2.0” - Théâtre du Rêve Expérimental, direction: Chong Wang [China]
• “Raven, We Shall Load Bullets” - Saitama Gold Theater; text: Kunio Shimizu; direction: Yukio Ninagawa [Japan]
• “Farewell to Nuclear Robot Mutsu: Soldiers of Love” - Watanabe Genshiro Shoten
“Moshi-ita – What if the manager of a high school baseball team called in an Aomori itako shaman?” - text and direction: Seigo Hatasawa [Japan]
• Asia Series Vol.1: Korean Dawon Arts (Hyunsuk Seo, Kyungsung Lee, Jeeae Lim)
• Film Series: “Twisting the Knife – Christoph Schlingensief’s Art of Social Perturbation”
• Symposium: “Diversity in Art”
• “Thinking About Arts Management” 3 Night Talk Series
• Discover Atelier (lectures and exhibits about Main Program events)

Festival Outline
This festival was launched in 2009 when the name of the Tokyo International Arts Festival being organized since 2002 by the non-profit organization Arts Network Japan (ANJ) was renamed Festival/Tokyo and its programs revamped. The first holding was in the spring of 2009 and since the second holding it has been held in the autumn. The Program Director from 2009 to 2013 was Chiaki Soma, who presented festival programs including creation and performance of original domestic and foreign works, performances in public spaces and active encouragement of audience participatory theater, etc. From 2014 the new Director is Sachio Ichimura.