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Aug. 11, 2014
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The “Choreographer of the Next Generation” prize of the 9th “Toyota Choreography Awards 2014” goes to Mikiko Kawamura
On August 3, 2014, the six finalists for the Toyota Choreography Awards 2014 “Nextage” competition chosen by the jury from among 203 applicant groups performed their choreographed work at the Setagaya Public Theatre to decide the final winner. The result was that Mikiko Kawamura won both the “Choreographer of the Next Generation” grand prize selected by the jury committee and guest jurors, and the “Audience Award” selected by audience voting.
Winners of the “Choreographer of the Next Generation” award earn the right to give a winner’s performance the following year and a grant of 2 million yen toward production cost. The prize also includes the venue for winner’s performance (Theatre Tram) and studio/rehearsal facilities (at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa).
+Winner Profile
Mikiko Kawamura
Born in 1990, Kawamura began dance at the age of 16. While majoring in dance at the Japan Women’s College of Physical Education, she won the Outstanding New Artist Prize during New Choreographer Division of the Yokohama Dance Collection EX2011 and the next year she performed at Dance Triennale Tokyo. In addition to her performances in Japan, Kawamura has performed her works overseas at international festivals in countries including the Korean Republic, Poland and Vietnam. She has also been an artist in residence in Romania and worked on collaborations with artists from Finland and Croatia. In 2013-14 she has received Junior Fellow support from the Saison Foundation.
+Finalists (in performance order)
• Pijin Neji no title
• Takuro Suzuki “〒〒〒〒〒〒〒〒〒〒”
• Reina Kimura Born somewhere, living somewhere
Yuya Tsukahara Concept 001 for untrained amateurs / Study concerning weight and movement
• Mikiko Kawamura Inner Mommy
• Kaori Norimatsu Membrane
+Guest jury members (in Japanese alphabetical order)
• Keiko Okamura, Curator, Tokyo Metropolitan Photography Museum curator
• Kosuke Kawase, Composer, artist
• Osamu Jareo*, Choreographer, dancer
• Misako Terada*, Choreographer, dancer
Tomohiro Maekawa, Playwright, director
*Winner of the Choreographer of the Next Generation” and the “Audience Award” prizes of the 1st (2002) Toyota Choreography Awards
+Jury (in Japanese alphabetical order)
• Kazuyuki Kajiya, Setagaya Public Theatre department chief
• Eri Karatsu, Aichi Arts Center senior producer / Aichi Triennale producer
• Masato Kishi, Manager of Owl Spot (Toshima Performing Arts Center)
• Yasuyo Kondo, Manager, the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
• Yusuke Hashimoto, Program director of ROHM Theatre Kyoto, Program director of KYOTO EXPERIMENT
• Naoyoshi Fujita, Director, The Museum of Art, Kochi
• Fumi Yokobori, Program director of DANCE BOX
+TOYOTA Choreography Award (Japanese only)