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Nov. 27, 2014
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Asian Performing Arts Festival opens (Nov. 28 – 30, 2014)
In 2001, the Asian Network of Major Cities 21 (ANMC21) movement was launched on a proposal by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a new platform of cooperation for the purpose of promoting development of the Asian region. Currently there are 11 member cities (Bangkok, Delhi, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo and Yangon [Rangoon]) that cooperate in programs in the areas of industry, the environment, crisis control, health and welfare, arts and culture, participation of women in society, development of personnel, etc. The Asian Performing Arts Festival (APAF) was started as one of these joint projects and has been held thus far in Tokyo (2002), Delhi (2003), Hanoi (2004), Hanoi (2005), Taipei (2006), Manila (2007), Seoul (2008) and Tokyo (2009).
From 2010, the focus of the programming was changed to holding international collaborative workshops and creation projects by artists participating from the member cities in order to encourage the creation and promotion of new performing arts from Asia. In 2011, one work was chosen from the small-scale works produced at each of these workshops and they were then performed in Seoul, Taipei and Tokyo as full-version works of about one hour. In 2012, an “APAF Art Camp” was held to provide the opportunity for young artists to meet with the performing arts professionals through roundtable discussions and the like aimed at nurturing the next generation of young Asian artists. The producer of this camp was Satoshi Miyagi.
For 2014, works created at last year’s workshops by artists from countries like Singapore and Taiwan are being performed as full versions at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre from Nov. 28-30. For details see the homepage below.
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