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Dec. 9, 2014
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Agency of Cultural Affairs announces its “2014 East Asia Cultural Ambassadors”
At the “6th Japan-China-Korea Republic Cultural Ministers Meeting” held in November of this year, the three countries agreed to select representatives from among their respective young and mid-career artists to spend periods abroad performing and holding workshops, etc., as “East Asia Cultural Ambassadors.” As the artists to participate in the first holding of the program this year, Japan’s Agency of Cultural Affairs has announced its selection of four artists and one group to represent Japan as its East Asia Cultural Ambassadors. These artists will stay in China and the Republic of Korea from December 2014 to March 2015 engaging in performances, workshops and fieldwork.
2014 East Asia Cultural Ambassadors
Suguru Ikeda (Musician)
Yukio Shiba (Playwright, director)
Junnosuke Tada (Director)
Un Yamada (Choreographer, dancer)
WASABI (New and tradition Japanese Hogaku music unit)
+Agency of Cultural Affairs
+2014 East Asia Cultural Ambassadors press release