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Jul. 1, 2014
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Feature festival program “Japan Syndrome” held at Berlin’s HAU (Hebbel am Ufer) (May 20 – 29, 2014)
At HAU (Hebbel am Ufer) in Berlin, Germany known for its presentations of revolutionary works, a 10-day Japan feature program titled “Japan Syndrome” was held from May 20th. HAU has presented a series of festivals featuring a specific country, and this feature festival on Japan follows the one five years earlier in 2009 titled “Tokyo, Shibuya New Generation.” This time the feature festival’s subtitle is “Art and Politics after Fukushima” and the program included about 20 works that have been created since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, including theater, film/video works, installations, concerts as well as discussions, etc. This Japan festival was curated jointly by artistic director Annemie Vanackere and music department curator Christoph Gurk.
Among the works performed at the various HAU performance spaces during the festival were Tadasu Takamine’s Japan Syndrome – Berlin Version #3, from which the festival took is name; along with Yukihiro Taguchi’s Open House: Confronting Comfort #2; Akira Takayama’s Referendum Project, Hikaru Fujii’s 3.11 Art Documentation, Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani presenting Spirits Closing Their Eyes, PET Bottle Shield and Contaminated Home, and Hikaru Suzuki’s Mr. S & Doraemon. Also on the program were a daily series of “Salon 3.11” talk events a “Hiroshima Salon” conducted by Sachiko Hara, a resident actress at the Hamburg German Theater. There was also a discussion “End of comfort zone? Art and Politics after Fukushima” featuring a panel including Chiaki Soma, Hiromi Maruoka, Akira Takayama and Steffi Richter (professor of Japanese Studies at the East Asia Institute at the University of Leipzig), with former Wiener Festwochen theater department director Stefanie Carp serving as moderator.
On the film program were the film I Live in Fear – After March 11 by Nina Fischer & Maroan El Sani, which was also shown at the 2013 Aichi Triennale, along with Hikaru Fujii’s Project Fukushima! and Asahiza.
On the theater program was the European premiere of Takuya Murakawa’s Zeitgeber, Toshiki Okada / chelfitsch presenting Current Location and the Super Premium Soft Double Vanilla Rich, which just had its world premiere at Mannheim in the Theater der Welt 2014 festival. There was also a concert with Tori Kudo & Maher Shalal Hash Baz and by SANGATSU, while the closing program featured a Late-Night-Lecture performance by Kyoichi Tsuzuki.
+Hebbel am Ufer (HAU)

+Presenter Interview (Former HAU artistic director Matthias Lilienthal)