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Nov. 28, 2014
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CULTURESCAPES TOKYO 2014 opened September 27th, 2014
CULTURESCAPES is a cultural event held each autumn centered in the Swiss city of Basel. Each year the event focused on a specific country, city or region and explores its culture from multiple perspectives, and for 2014, being also the 150th anniversary of the start of political relations between Switzerland and Japan, the focus is on the Japanese capital of Tokyo with its vital mix of tradition and the contemporary. Starting from September 27th, there will be performances of music, presentations of literature, film showings and performing arts at some 40 facilities during the event’s duration. The Bunraku (traditional Japanese puppet theater) performances that opened the event at the Theatre Basel was then scheduled to tour to theaters in Lausanne, Berlin, Luzern, Geneva and Zurich.
For the fine arts, the large-scale exhibition “Logical Emotion – Contemporary Art from Japan” opened at the Haus Konstrktiv museum (Oct. 2, 2014 – Jan. 11, 2015; later touring to Poland and Germany). There is also a photography exhibition by Reiko Imoto (Oslo 8 – gallery for contemporary photography / Oct. 24 – Nov. 29) and a solo performance by the Japanese sound and video artist Ryoji Ikeda (HeK House of Electronic Arts Basel / Nov. 22 – Mar. 29, 2015).
In the performing arts, Toshiki Okada and the chelfitsch company will perform their piece SUPER PREMIUM SOFT DOUBLE VANILLA RICH in the three cities of Basel, Zurich and Chur. Also, Kuro Tanino and the Niwagekidan Penino perform BOX IN THE BIG TRUNK in Chur and Basel, Akumanoshirushi performs MON PÈRE, GIACOMETTI in Chur, Berlin and Basel and Zan Yamashita (choreography/direction) and Kim Itoh (dance) present their piece ITOH & YAMASHITA in Basel.

CULTURESCAPES is a cultural event held each autumn for two or three months centered in the Swiss city of Basel. It was founded in 2003 by Jurriaan Cooiman and is organized by the CULTURESCAPES foundation (former name: Performing Arts Services Basel/PASS). The words culture and [land]scape were combined to create the new concept of CULTURESCAPES as the name for an event that focuses on a particular country, city or region and introduces a multi-perspective overview of its music, literature, film and performing arts. Until now the focuses have included the country of Georgia (2003), the Ukraine (2004), Armenia (2005), Estonia (2006), Romania (2007), Turkey (2008), Azerbaijan (2009), China (2010), Israel (2011), Moscow (2012), the Balkans (2013) and Tokyo (2014).
+ Interview with Founder and Director of CULTURESCAPES, Jurriaan Cooiman on the Presenter Interview: