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Feb. 10, 2016
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Applications now being accepted or the “10th Toyota Choreography Awards 2016 – Seeking out and nurturing the next generation of choreographers” Final holding also announced
The “Toyota Choreography Award” contemporary dance competition was begun in 2001 under the sponsorship of Toyota Motor Corporation as a joint project with the Setagaya Public Theatre (Tokyo) for the purpose of contributing to society (arts and culture support). Its purpose has been finding and fostering the next generation of choreographers. As a proving ground for emerging choreographers, it has served to help launch the careers of many new talents over the years, and with this, the tenth holding of the competition in 2016, it has been announced that it will be the final holding.
Applications are now being accepted for contestants for the 10th holding of the Awards competition. The deadline for applications is January 15, 2016. The qualifications for applicants are that they be choreographers who are Japanese nationals or residents of Japan or have their working base in Japan and that they have had their works performed in Japan. There are no restrictions regarding dance genre.
The selection process for the awards involves an initial selection by the Selections Committee of six finalists from among the applicants. These finalists will then participate in the NEXTAGE (final judging) contest on August 6, 2016, presenting works of 15 to 20 minutes in length. Based on these performances, the Selections Committee and guest judges will choose one winner for the Grand Prix “NEXTAGE Choreographer Award” and one will be chosen for the “NEXTAGE Audience Award.”
Selections Committee consists of producers from theaters around the nation, and among the guest judges are Noboru Tsubaki (artist), Kenichi Nakagawa (pianist/conductor), Shirotama Hitsujiya (playwright, director and actor) and the winner of the 3rd Toyota Choreographer Award, Ikuyo Kuroda.
The winner of the NEXTAGE Choreographer Award will receive the opportunity to perform as an award winner the following year. A monetary award of 2 million yen toward the production of a new work will also be given, as well as support for a performance at Theater Tram (Tokyo) and also support through the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum’s Residency Program. For details refer to the website below.
+Toyota Motor Corporation CSR Activities
*Application forms can be downloaded from the website.