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Jan. 19, 2016
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21st Japan Playwrights Association New Playwright Prize goes to Chisei Zo for Tatami to Junrei (Tatami mats and pilgrimage)
The final jury meeting for the 21st Japan Playwrights Association New Playwright Prize organized by the Japan Playwrights Association was held on Dec. 13, 2015 at Za Koenji Public Theatre in Tokyo and the winner from among the six finalists was Chisei Zo, for his play Tatami to Junrei (Tatami mats and pilgrimage). Chisei Zo is a Hiroshima-based writer/playwright, director and actor. The winning play takes as its setting a small fisheries company on Japan’s Setouchi inland sea and uses the format of a conversational play to focus on issues in contemporary society, for which it won acclaim for its strong composition and content. For the 2015 award there were 189 script applications. Of the 23 works that passed the first selection stage, six were chosen as finalists in the second stage of the selection process. Reports of the selection process can be seen on the official Japan Playwrights Association website.
Teppei Okada (Osaka)Spring in Minami-Yoshinomura
Saki Kuniyoshi (Saitama pref.)     Akira has an aged face
Chisei Zo (Hiroshima Pref.)Tatami mats and pilgrimage
Ayumu Hasegawa (Tokyo)The youth embraces the gun
Kengo Minamide (Tokyo)Drenched pigeon
Kana Fujiwara (Tokyo)At dawn, the touch of the moon
Shoji Kokami, Nozomi Makino, Yoji Sakate, Toshiro Suzue, Hideo Tsuchiya, Norihiko Tsukuda, and Eri Watanabe
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