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Feb. 10, 2016
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Setouchi Triennale 2016 program announced
Held once every three years since 2010, the Setouchi Triennale is a contemporary art festival that takes islands of Japan’s Seto Inland Sea as its venues. For its third holding in 2016, the program will be divided into spring, summer and autumn seasons as it was last time to cover a span of 108 days with events at 14 venues on 12 islands. The theme this time is “Umi no Fukken” (restoration of the sea) and in addition to exhibition of contemporary art works and holding of events, there is a project aimed at enjoying the unique tastes of the foods of the Seto Inland Sea other events designed to promote international exchange, particularly with the countries of Asia.
This year plans call for participation by about 200 artists and projects from over 20 countries. On the island of Teshima there will be a large-scale installation using wind chimes by Christian Boltanski. Shinro Otake will create a work in the ruins of a needle factory and Sputniko! will create one in a [empty] private home. On Naoshima island, Toshiki Okada is scheduled to direct a dance performance of Mirai Moriyama. On Shodoshima island, Noboru Tsubaki will direct a “Future of Shodoshima Project” with a large number of artists from India and Japan participating. Also, on Inujima island, Kohei Nawa will do a house project and present a performance work with the French choreographer/dancer Damien Jalet. In the vicinity of Takamatsu harbor, Miwa Yanagi will tour with a moving stage vehicle. For details about the programs, see the festival website.

Festival Outline
Setouchi Triennale is a contemporary art festival held once every three years since 2010 on islands of Japan’s Seto Inland Sea. The festival was founded with the aim of bringing back vitality to the islands amid the trends of shrinking in size and the aging of the island populations. The festival is organized by the Setouchi Triennale Organizing Committee. The general producer is Soichiro Fukutake, president of the Fukutake Foundation, and the general director is Fram Kitagawa. The festival offers a new type of art appreciation experience in which visitors travel from island to island in the Seto Inland Sea by boat to see the unique culture, lives of the people and the natural environment of each island.
+Setouchi Triennale 2016 / festival outline
Dates:Spring: Mar. 20 (Sun., Spring Solstice) – April 17 (Sun.), 2016 (29 days)
Summer: Jul. 18 (Mon., Sea Day) – Sept. 4 (Sun.), 2016 (49 days)
Autumn: Oct. 8 (Sat.) – Nov. 6 (Sun.), 2016 (30 days)
Locations:Naoshima, Teshima, Megijima, Ogijima, Shodoshima, Oshima, Inujima, Shamijima (spring), Honjima (autumn), Takamijima (autumn), Awashima (autumn), Ibukijima (autumn), Takamatsu harbor, Uno harbor vicinities
Organizer:  Setouchi Triennale Organizing Committee
+Setouchi Triennale