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Dec. 14, 2015
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The grand-scale comprehensive arts complex “Asian Culture Complex” opened, Opening Festival held (Sep. 4 – 21, 2015)
The new “Asian Culture Complex” has been completed in Gwangju, as a comprehensive arts complex of unprecedented scale in Asia, in terms of budget, scale and vision. Built on grounds covering some 173,540 square meters, the complex includes the performing arts-specific “Asian Arts Theater,” as well as facilities for the Cultural Promotion Agency, the Asian Cultural Exchange Agency, the Cultural Exchange Agency and the Agency of Culture for Children.
The Asian Arts Theater has two halls, one seating 2,000 and the other 500, and is dedicated primarily to presenting Asian contemporary theater, creation of dance works and works of artist collaborations, and each year a festival will be held with a program based on works that deal with the questions of “what Asian arts are,” “what are contemporary arts,” “what it means to embrace the issues of the future” and “why these questions need to be addressed.”
The opening of the Asian Arts Theater was celebrated with its first festival featuring showings of works by video artists Cài Míngliàng (Taiwan) and Ho Tzu Nyen (Singapore), as well as invited works from Europe and North America, including ones by Romeo Castellucci (Italy), Bret Bailey (South Africa), Tim Etchells (UK) and others. Participants from South Korea included Kim Jisun, Kim Sung Hwan, and Lee Leenam/Seo Hyun-Suk. Participants from Japan included Masao Adachi, Toshiki Okada, Takao Kawaguchi and Kyohei Sakaguchi.

Festival Outline
In 2004, the South Korean government launched a “Central Cultural City Creation” program, under which Pusan was designated the Culture Center for film and video arts, Chonju province with its wealth of historical sites the Culture Center for the traditional arts, Taegu, as the largest textile industry center in the country, was designated the “Fashion Design City,” and Gwangju, with its Gwangju Biennale, was designated the Asian Culture Center. There, in Gwangju, the Asian Culture Complex large-scale comprehensive arts and culture complex was built and opened in 2015. With the opening of this Complex with its Asian Arts Theater (two halls, one seating 2,000 and the other 500) dedicated to presenting Asian contemporary arts and dance with, began the annual Asian Arts Theater Festival. The artistic director of the festival is the former Festival Bo:m director, Seonghee Kim.
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