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Feb. 9, 2016
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TPAM in Yokohama 2016 (International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2016) opens (Feb. 6 – 14, 2016)
TPAM in Yokohama is an international platform for professionals involved in the performing arts. Launched initially as the Tokyo Performing Arts Market in 1995, the meeting was moved to Yokohama in 2011, and in 2016 TPAM is being held for the 20th time. This time, Oriza Hirata and Toshiki Okada officially join the event as advisors. The meeting opens on Feb. 6 with Yokohama Creativecity Center (YCC), Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT), Yokohama Red-Brick Warehouse No. 1, BankART Studio NYK, and others as the main venues.
As with last year, this year’s TPAM focuses again on Asia. As a representative program of this focus, the new “TPAM Co-Productions” program that has Asian presenters work with artists to jointly create new works and tour them has been initiated. There will be performances of international collaborative works, including the world premiere of a new work Dancing with Death created jointly by the Thai dance artists Pichet Klunchun Dance Company and Singapore’s Esplanade Theaters on the Bay and a performance of the international collaborative documentary theater work Baling co-produced by Kuala Lumpur’s Five Arts Centre that drew attention as the opening performance of the Asian Arts Theatre that opened recently at the Asia Culture Center in Gwangju, South Korea.
Also, Asian producers will be participating in the TPAM Direction program. Focusing on his native Singapore, Bangkok-based Tank Fu Kuen, who serves as curator for various festivals around Asia, joins with artists such as Ho Rui An, Daniel Kok and others to present Japan premiers of four works. Korean independent producer Jooyoung Koh presents two works, including “The way of storytelling, the way of singing – demo version,” a work drawing from the traditional Korean folk art of “pansori” and performed by Hansol Yoon × greenpig (Seoul).
The music program introduces performances by the New York-based musician Aki Onda, the Singapore band The Observatory and Akio Suzuki. Other presentations include the Steep Slope Studio director Yumina Kato’s presentation of solo projects by Wataru Kitao and Suguru Yamamoto, and dance researcher Nanako Nakajima presents performances, a symposium and exhibition based on the Dance Archive Boxes program that has been conducted in Japan and Singapore since 2014 at the suggestion of Singapore director Ong Keng Sen.
On the TPAM Contemporary Classics program, are performances of Mephisto For Ever, a play based on the original story was the novel Mephisto by Klaus Mann of 1936 and directed by Satoshi Miyagi, and Light of a Factory 2016 – A Protest in Theatre, a “noregukku” opera that is a major symbol of the 1970s in Korea, written and directed by folk musician and director Kim Mingi.
Providing opportunities for networking between Japanese and foreign presenters during the meeting’s run there is the TPAM Exchange program and there will be a wide range of seminars, meetings and presentation concerning the performing arts. Held simultaneously in venues in Tokyo and Yokohama will also be the open-application TPAM Showcase program of performances.
+TPAM in Yokohama 2016 (International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2016)