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Oct. 4, 2016
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23rd BeSeTo Theater Festival held in Tottori and Niigata (Sept. 14 – 0ct. 15, 2016)
The BeSeTo Theater Festival was launched in 1994 as an initiative of Xu Xiaozhong Kim Eui-kyung, Tadashi Suzuki for the purpose of promoting culture and arts exchange between the three countries of China, South Korea and Japan. The festival name takes the first two letters of Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo, where the festival is held on a rotating basis. In 2014, the artistic director of the Bird Theater Company, Makoto Nakashima, was appointed as BeSeTo Committee representative, and Jo Kanamori, artistic director of the Dance Department of the Niigata-City Performing Arts Center – Ryutopia, was appointed as a member of the international steering committee. For the 23rd holding of the festival this year (2016), the main venue is moved from Tokyo to Tottori Prefecture, and it will also be held in Niigata City for the first time.
In Tottori, seven works including three international collaborative works will be performed at venues around the prefecture. One international collaboration by Younger-generation Chinese, Korean and Japanese theater-makers is Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth! The second is Classroom of Poem, a collaborative work between Tori no Gekidan and the Korean theater company Dieda set in World War II. A dramatic dance production titled La Bayadère – Nation of Illusion reinterprets the classical ballet work La Bayadère in a translation by Oriza Hirata with direction by Jo Kanamori and choreography by Noism 1. Other works include The Dong Theatre Company of South Korea’ production of The Crab Cannery Ship (original play by Takiji Kobayashi); the Yohangza Theatre Company’s production of R. Kipling’s The Jungle Book; from China, the Shaoju Art Research Institute of Zhejiang presents Monkey King Thrice Beats the Bony Ghost and the Shaanxi People's Art Theatre presents The Butterfly Lovers.
Three of these works will tour to Niigata and there will also be performances of Noism0’s Ai to Shoryo no Ie. Appearances will also be made by Kanamori and Nakashima in a symposium about theater culture in the 21st century.
+23rd BeSeTo Theater Festival in Tottori
Dates: Sept. 14 to Oct. 10, 2016
Venues: Tottori Prefecture Citizen’s Culture Hall (Tottori City), Tottori Prefectural Kurayoshi Mirai Chushin (Kurayoshi City), Yonago Culture Hall (Yonago City) and Bird Theater (Kanomachi, Tottori City) etc.
+ 23rd BeSeTo Theater Festival in Niigata
Dates: Oct. 1 to 15, 2016
Venue: Niigata-City Performing Arts Center – Ryutopia