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Oct. 4, 2016
Japan Topics
2nd Dance New Air —Dance no Asa program announced (Oct. 1 – 10, 2016)
This installment of Dance New Air is the seventh counting from the festival’s launch as Dance Biennale Tokyo in 2002. In this, its second holding, the 2016 program will be staged mainly at Spiral Hall and will feature performances of six dance works by Japanese and foreign choreographers and artists, as well as dance film screenings, a book fair and other events. Also, prior to the start of the festival, there will be showcases and other programs introducing Japanese dance artists to foreign presenters in the International Dance Network Program (IDN).
In the “Dance ZAMAI Program for the festival opening, Kim Itoh’s Physical Theater Company GERO presents a new work titled The Game Named Family; KENTARO!! And his TOKYO ELECTROCK STAIRS company present their new work The Tether Going Round and Tying Front and Back Together; and Un Yamada’s solo piece Dictee (premiere: 2011) will be performed.
On the program of invited foreign works are three Japan premieres. Appearing in Japan for the first time the Czech Republic’s VerTeDance company performs Correction, a fusion of dance and live performance by a clarinet quartet; the Adrien M / Claire B Company (France) presents HAKANAÏ, a work combining digital art and dance performance; the Netherlands-based pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama presents her latest work, La Mode, which takes fashion as its subject.
During the festival’s duration, the Spiral Garden will host a Shuta Hasunuma exhibition titled compositions: rhythm (Sept. 27 – Oct. 5) accompanied by free performances.
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