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Oct. 3, 2016
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KYOTO EXPERIMENT 2016 AUTUMN program announced (Oct. 22 – Nov. 13, 2016)
Launched in 2010, KYOTO EXPERIMENT is a performing arts festival that has been held each year in the autumn to present performing arts from Kyoto to the world. In 2016, the festival is being held twice, first in the spring in light of the reopening of the Rohm Theatre Kyoto and then in autumn.
The autumn festival that starts on October 22 has an official program lineup of 12 works. British artist Martin Creed presents the Japan debut of his first dance piece, titled Work No. 1020 (ballet) along with a work exhibition. Indian director Sankar Venkateswaran presents a version of Shogo Ohta’s representative work The Water Station. In his second appearance in Kyoto, Argentinian choreographer Luis Garay presents a new work created in collaboration with Japanese artists during a long residence in Japan. Argentine-born theater director, filmmaker Federico León presents the Japan premiere of his work Las Ideas.
Also on the program is a new production of the play Zoo written by leading Chilean theater artist Manuela Infante and dealing with the issues of post-colonial Chile that premiered at the spring festival of KYOTO EXPERIMENT this year. The new Japanese production is translated and directed by Bangkok-based Japanese director Chiharu Shinoda. Vienna-based Japanese performance artist Michikazu Matsune presents Dance, if you want to enter my country, a work based on an actual incident that occurred at the Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.
Also being performed are Baling by Malaysia-based theater maker Mark Teh, the recent winner of the prestigious Kishida Kunio Drama Award Avidya: No Lights Inn by Niwa Gekidan Penino, and Kinoshita Kabuki presenting Kanjincho for the first time in western Japan.
The concert works created Ryoji Ikeda since 2000 will also be presented in one comprehensive program, and visual (video) artist and director Meiro Koizumi presents an exhibition of his work. As a new program beginning this year, the “Play Park: A festival for children and grown-ups will also join the festival. And, there will be 36 works performed in the concurrent Fringe festival program.