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Oct. 31, 2016
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Lineup Announced for the 9th “Festival Tokyo 16” (Oct. 15 – Dec. 11, 2016)
The performing arts festival originating in Tokyo, the “Festival/Tokyo 16” (F/T16), will be held for the ninth time this year under the slogan, “Finding New People, Striving Beyond Borders,” hosting 10 events with a total of 16 performances, spanning approximately two months beginning on October 15th. Centered at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, the event will encompass several other venues in tie-ups with the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo. This year, the event has also been designated as part of the “Tokyo Metropolitan Festival 2016,” a new city-wide, multidisciplinary initiative begun this autumn by the city of Tokyo (September 1st-December 18th, 2016).
From abroad, director Krystian Lupa, a key figure in the Polish theatrical scene, will be making his first appearance in Japan. He is responsible for the adaptation and directing of the novel Woodcutters by Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard into a play of the same title that questions the directionality of art and of the state. Choreographer Susanne Linke, at the height of her powers, will be joining the event from Germany, for what will be her first return to Japan in 16 years, directing a series of shows tracing the evolution of contemporary dance. Up-and-coming choreographer Sebastian Matthias will be presenting x / groove space, a collaborative effort with Japanese artists that contemplates the relationship between cities and choreography. Playwright and choreographer Kunhyung Park will be arriving from Korea with his theater, Golmokil, to premier his controversial All the Soldiers are Pathetic, which shows the memories of those who have become victims throughout history, in conjunction with the Namsan Arts Center (Seoul) for the first time in Japan.
Also to be presented is the “Asia Series,” a joint program with the Japan Foundation Asia Center, with this year’s focus being on artists from Malaysia. Featured artists will include Jo Kukathas and the Instant Café Theater Company, performing their representative works, and young choreographer Ren Xin Lee with his newest work.
From Japan, the marebito theater company and F/T16 will jointly be taking on a new long-term project, entitled “Performing Fukushima,” which delves deeply into the memories of Fukushima prefecture. Other presentations include idevian crew’s newest work, and there is a participatory event titled “Festival Fukushima! @Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park,” and a new series of theatrical and dance productions titled “Outdoor Performance Series.”
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