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Nov. 4, 2016
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“Roppongi Art Night 2016,” held in autumn (Oct. 21 – 23, 2016)
Roppongi, Tokyo is home to diverse commercial establishments and cultural venues. “Roppongi Art Night” has been held as a model program within the greater Tokyo area since 2009 as an effort to bring art into urban lifestyles, and promotion of urban development in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area centered around culture. Held for the seventh time in 2016, the event was timed in the autumn to coincide with the “Sports and Culture World Forum,” and was held from Oct. 21st to 23rd. Under the slogan of “Roppongi, Art Playground - Let’s Run Around and Try Things Out!” a plethora of installations were established throughout the city, encompassing contemporary art, displays of design, music, visual installations and performances.
Contemporary artist Kohei Nawa was chosen to lead the main program. In theatrical arts, the French performing company Quidam made their second appearance, following one in 2010. At the behest of Hideki Noda, Tokyo Caravan (the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Shigehiro Ide and others) gave a performance on the main stage. Such artists as Takao Kawaguchi, Yuzo Ishiyama, Switch Souken and barrier-free performance group “SLOW MOVEMENT” gave performances in the streets.
Also seen were creative lineups held at the various cultural and other venues. In Roppongi Hills the lineup included a solo performance by Yasutake Shimaji, a collaboration between Shintaro Oue and Maki Morishita, the Strange Kinoko Dance Company, Sal Vanilla, and as per every year a Bonodori dance event by Ryohei Kondo.
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