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Nov. 4, 2016
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Premier of 15th AAF Drama Award’s Grand Prize winning Michiyuki with Motoi Miura as Director (Sept. 9 – 12, 2016)
The “AAF Drama Award” has been held by the Aichi Arts Foundation since 2000 with the objective of developing and vitalizing the theatrical arts and for the dissemination of arts and culture originating in Aichi. After undergoing changes at the 15th year mark last year, the organization has taken on accomplished new directors (Chiharu Shibata, Kohei Narumi, Shiratama Hitsujiya, and Motoi Miura) as jurors. Of the 114 works submitted, five moved on to receive nominations in the second jury session. Shuntaro Matsubara’s Michiyuki was selected for Grand Prize, and Village to be lost to a dam by Teruha Fukaya for Special Prize. The grand prize was accompanied by a cash prize of 500,000, and the special prize by 100,000. The nominated pieces can be seen on the Aichi Prefectural Arts Center website (Japanese only). The AAF Drama Award is committed to enabling a production for performances of the winning piece, and performances were given in September of 2016 produced by the Aichi Prefectural Arts Center, with Awards juror Motoi Miura of Chiten as director, Takashi Ito in charge of visual effects and performed by the Chiten company.
+Winner’s profile
Shuntaro Matsubara
Writer, born 1988 in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Pref. Graduated from Kobe University’s Faculty of Economics. Began to take on novel writing after encountering the works of Samuel Beckett and James Joyce, and playwriting after encountering Chiten’s rendition of Downfall of the Egotist Johann Fatzer. Winner of the 15th AAF Drama Award’s Grand Prize in 2015 for Michiyuki. Currently residing in Kyoto.
+Nominated Works
Isuwarinohi by Natsuki Sugimoto
Garbage Collection by Shinichiro Hayashi
“Village to be lost to a dam” by Teruha Fukaya
Heisei Apartment by Yuri Yamada
Michiyuki by Shuntaro Matsubara
+15th AAF Drama Award (Japanese only)