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Nov. 4, 2016
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“Sound Live Tokyo 2016” held (Sept. 11 – Oct. 1, 2016)
Sound Live Tokyo is a festival featuring arts related to “sound” in a broad definition, including music. Begun in 2012 as a joint venture by the Japan Center of the Pacific Basin Arts Communication (PARC) and the Tokyo Culture Creation Project, it has been hosted since 2015 by PARC, every autumn. The festival has taken on various venues throughout Tokyo, and was held for the 5th time for 9 days this year at the SuperDeluxe (Roppongi district, Minato Ward), an international leader in the experimental music scene.
This year’s event gathered 13 groups of artists both domestic and foreign. As the opening act, American composer James Tenney’s testimonies, played back on four speakers, and a piece for four percussionists, Pika-Don, gave their first ever performance in Japan. German ensemble zeitkratzer, in Japan for their first time, gave a collaborative performance with Keiji Haino. Adding Kazakhstani violinist Aisha Orazbayeva, performing a later work by Luigi Nono, the event stayed true to its aim of providing a fresh representation of contemporary music.
Japanese artists performing included the Golden Senior Trio based in the Kansai (western) region of Japan—whose combined age makes them the “oldest” extant Jazz band in the world—performing for the first time in Tokyo, as well as the internationally acclaimed group improvisation project, “Marginal Consort.”
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