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Jul. 21, 2016
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ImPulsTanz – Vienna international dance festival opens (Jul. 14 – Aug. 14, 2016)
Held every summer, this is one of Europe’s largest scale dance festivals. This year’s festival’s opening performance was BIT, a piece by Maguy Marin based on the thought of French linguist Émile Benveniste and set to tantalizing techno sounds. At the festival’s main venue, the Volkstheater, there will be performances by three representative Belgian dance companies, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Rosas, Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez, and for the closing performance, Need Company. And, other leading companies including Amagatsu Ushio’s Sankai Juku, Canada’s Marie Chouinard Company will be part of the five-week program.
Also on the program is a group of works that cross the borderline between visual arts and contemporary dance, which will be performed in a venue that occupies an entire floor of the Leopold Museum in the MuseumsQuartier. In this open space will be held performances by choreographers and dance artists including Xavier Le Roy, Chris Haring, Akemi Takeya, Ian Kaler and Ivo Dimchev.
In the 8:tension series introducing young choreographers, there are 13 works have been chosen this year from Europe, America and Brazil. For participants in this series, the Casinos Austria Prix Jardin d’Europe and the FM4 Fan Award 2016 will be awarded to outstanding works.

Festival Outline
The predecessor to this festival is the Vienna International Dace Week launched in 1984 by the Brazilian-born dancer Ismael Ivo and others. It began initially as a workshop festival but soon performances were added and in 1988 it took on its present name. Today it has become one of Europe’s leading festivals inviting internationally renowned choreographers and companies such as Wim Vandekeybus and Marie Chouinard, La la la Human Steps, Rosas, Joseph Nadji and Emio Greco to name a few. In 1996, it also established the scholarship system danceWeb-Europe.
During the five weeks of the festival’s run, over 40 works are performed at ten venues, drawing a total audience of some 30,000, and some 160 workshops given by 40 instruuctores are attended by some 3,000 participants. There are also research projects providing a platform for investigation into the latest directions in contemporary dance. The festival also known for providing a variety of workshops by international choreographers. The artistic director since the festival’s founding in 1984 is Karl Regensburger.
+ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival