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Nov. 24, 2016
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New York’s international experimental theater festival “Under the Radar Festival” to be held (Jan. 4 - 15, 2017)
The Public Theater in New York will once again be the venue this year for the international theater festival introducing the cutting edge performing arts in America. Founder Mark Russell and choreographer/playwright Meiyin Wang currently co-direct the event. Programs include the “main program,” which features experimental works of domestic and foreign performing arts, the “in concert” program featuring works that merge experimental music with the theatrical arts, and the “incoming” program introducing works of up-and-coming directors and choreographers.
This year’s main program will feature 600 HIGHWAYMEN, founded in 2009 and emerging as important figures in the U.S. post-drama theater scene. They will perform The Fever, their newest work, a participatory performance that deals with the borderline between personal responsibility, and group responsibility. Also from the U.S., the event will feature the duo work of Japanese choreographer Saori Tsukada and Nikki Appino with a re-staging of Club Diamond, which was introduced in last year’s “incoming” program. Performer and writer Marga Gomez will present a work depicting the life of her Cuban immigrant comedian/writer father, which probes the Latin American identity.
Attending from overseas will be French director Phillipe Quesne, presenting a work questioning modern notions of society entitled La Mélancolie des Dragons, and German theatrical group Rimini Protokoll presents Top Secret International (State 1), an algorithm-ridden, digitalized, political theatrical piece. Indonesian experimental theater directors Eko Nugroho and Wayang Bocor will present In the Name of Semelah, a work that makes use of techniques such as shadow theater while exploring the emergence of Islam on the island of Java.

Festival Outline
This festival is held in New York at the same time as the APAP arts market and takes the New York Public Theater as its main venue. The festival premiered at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn in 2005 and moved its main venue to The Public Theater the following year and began inviting works from abroad. By 2009, some 52 works from 14 countries were presented. Also on its programs are works produced jointly with such leading internationally acclaimed American artists and companies as SITI Company, Elevator Repair Service and Nature Theater of Oklahoma, among others. The founder of Under the Radar is Mark Russell, long-time director of New York’s PS122 and leader in the New York arts scene who afterward served as artistic director of Portland’s Time-Based Arts Festival (2006-08) and remains one of North America’s important presenters of contemporary performing arts.
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