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Nov. 24, 2016
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Festival Danza en la Ciudad contemporary dance festival in Bogota, Colombia (Nov. 2 – 14, 2016)
In its ninth year, the contemporary dance Festival Danza en la Ciudad (Festival Dance in the City) was held in venues around the city of Bogota, including not only theater performances but also a variety of outdoor events. Not only does this festival bring together at one time famed dance companies from around Colombia, it also seeks out and invites artists from overseas.
The theme of this year’s festival was “Territories and Connection.” The program include a variety of types of dance that in some way addressed the questions of what territory dance can occupy in the physical, social and political contexts, or what types of dance can be born from cross-national and cross-cultural connections between these territories.
Artists on the program from Colombia included the Bogota-based Dosson Contemporary Dance Company, Javier Vaquero Ollero & Aimar Pérez Galí, the Danza COMÚN company, Company Cortocinesis, Triknia Dance Company and others presenting their works. Invited foreign artists included the Ecuador National Dance Company, Mexico’s Fóramen M Ballet Company, Brazilian choreographer Marcos Abranches, and Hiroaki Umeda from Japan.

Festival Outline
Established in 2008 in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia (South America), this is a festival dedicated to contemporary dance. The festival is produced by the Bogota Mejor Para Todos IDARTES arts and culture organization under the jurisdiction of the City of Bogota, and presents two weeks of performances by companies and artists from Colombia and abroad. As the “Festival Danza en la Ciudad” (Festival Dance in the City) name implies, the performances are held not only in theaters but also take the form of events at a variety of venues around the city of Bogota. In recent years it has attracted attention for its role as a festival that stimulates the South American contemporary dance scene not only in Colombia but also in other countries.
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