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Feb. 10, 2017
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Yokohama Dance Collection 2017 held (Jan. 26 – Feb. 19, 2017)
Organized by the Yokohama Arts Foundation, the Yokohama Dance Collection has been held since 1996 as a contemporary dance festival for the purpose of discovering and nurturing young choreographers and popularizing contemporary dance in Japan. For the Competitions (I and II) that are the main feature of the program, finalists are chosen based on video recordings of performances and written applications. For this year’s Competition I that is open to choreographers whose works have been publicly performed there were 134 applications from 11 countries, from which ten artists/groups (from Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, China, Malaysia) were selected as finalists. For Competition II New Choreographer Division open to choreographers under the age of 25, 12 artists/groups were selected as finalists from among 38 applications. The finalist performance for the Competition I Jury Prize grand prix and the Competition II Outstanding New Choreographer Prize were scheduled for Feb. 9 – 12 at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1, with the winners to be decided on the final day.
The final competition is also accompanied by performances by artists active on the international dance scene. The opening performance featured VESSEL yokohama (Jan. 26 – 29), a Yokohama version of the work by Belgium-based choreographer/dancer Damien Jalet and Japanese sculptor Kohei Nawa that has won acclaim with Japanese actor Mirai Moriyama performing. Also scheduled are the Japan premiere of Host (Feb. 17 – 19), a work created during residencies in Japan from 2014 by the internationally acclaimed Philippine-based choreographer/dancer Eisa Jocson, and a new work titled Choreograph (Feb. 16 – 19) by director Junnosuke Tada, who also serves as a jury member for the main Competition I.
Also on the schedule is the Dance Cross + Asian Selection (Feb. 2 – 5) program which features performances by past Yokohama Dance Collection competition winners. For this program, the 2015 winner of the Jury Prize and the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers, Mikiko Kawamura presented the Japan premiere of the work Jigoku ni Saku Hana (LA FLEUR ÉCLÔT EN ENFER), which she created and presented while on the residency program in France. Also on the program is a work jointly created by the 2013 winner of the same French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers, Miwa Okuno, and Zhou Zihao, a dancer of Singapore’s acclaimed dance company, T.H.E Dance Company, and the Japan Premiere of a jointly created piece by 2016 Yokohama Dance Collection finalist Moto Takahashi and Jun Boram, the 2015 Seoul Dance Collection choreography award winner.
Furthermore, there is a showcase program of free performances to be held during the Yokohama Dance Collection run at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1.
+Competition Finalists
Competition I
Yuhei Ara, Yu Kitamura, Ikuma Kurosu, Ryu Suzuki, Asami Seki, Tomo Mizukoshi, ASK Dance Company (Malaysia), Xiaoni Chang (China), Hosik Yang (S. Korea), Ming-Hwa Yeh (Taiwan)
* Jury: Okami Sae, Kondo Ryohei, Thierry Bayle, Tada Junnosuke, Hamano Fumio, Yanaihara Mikuni
Competition II (New Choreographer Division)
Mako Egami, Takashi Kanai, Yuuki Kamimura, Mai Kubota, Chiharu Shimura, Reisa Shimojima, Takashi Suzuki, Nozomi Tsuchiya, Ayane Nakagawa, Momoko Nagata, Natsumi Hasushi, Yaeko Yokoyama
* Jury: Ito Chie, Sato Vivienne, Yukio Shiba, Hamano Fumio
+Yokohama Dance Collection