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Feb. 10, 2017
Japan Topics
Agency for Cultural Affairs announces “2016 Japan Cultural Envoys”
The Agency for Cultural Affairs conducts a program that appoints people committed to cultural activities such as artists, cultural specialists and so on, as “Japan Cultural Envoys.” This program aims to deepen the international community’s understanding of Japanese culture and to build and strengthen networks between Japanese and foreign artists and experts. In 2016, six people were appointed “Long-term Cultural Envoys,” including Kashiwa Sato, Fumihiko Sano, Naoko Tosa, Rankou Fujima, Sankyo Yanagiya and Un Yamada. Among these, Choreographer and dancer Un Yamada will be active in the envoy role overseas in Israel, Germany and Canada for a planned six months.
Also, for the Agency for Cultural Affair’s “East Asia Cultural Ambassadors” program, in which the three East Asian countries of Japan, China and the Republic of Korea each appoint young or mid-career artists, etc., to serve as “cultural ambassadors” for a given period, the Agency has named six people, including musician Shuta Hasunuma, director Takuya Murakawa and playwright Ikue Osada as new ambassadors. From November 2016, they have been in residence in China or the Republic of Korea taking part in exchange events such as performances, workshops, field work and the like.
+2016 Japan Cultural Envoys
Long-term Cultural Envoy assignees
Kashiwa Sato (Creative director) / France, U.S., etc.
Fumihiko Sano (Architect, artist) / France, Mexico, Myanmar, etc.
Naoko Tosa (Artist) / US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, U.K., Philippines)
Rankou Fujima (Japanese classical dancer)/ France, U.K., Germany
Sankyo Yanagiya (Comic storyteller) / U.S.
Un Yamada (Choreographer, dancer) / Israel, Germany, Canada, etc.
East Asia Cultural Ambassadors
Ikue Osada (Playwright) / Korea Republic
Aki Sasamoto (Artist) / China
Shuta Hasunuma (Musician) / China
Tsuyoshi Hisakado (Artist, creator) / China
Kazufusa Hosho (Hosho School Noh artist) / China
Takuya Murakawa (Director) / China
+Agency for Cultural Affairs 2016 “Japan Cultural Envoys”