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Feb. 10, 2017
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22nd Japan Playwrights Association New Playwright Prize goes to Kengo Minamide
The final jury meeting for the 22nd Japan Playwrights Association New Playwright Prize organized by the Japan Playwrights Association was held on Dec. 11, 2016 at Za Koenji in Tokyo and the winner chosen from among the five finalists was Kengo Minamide, for his play Fureta dake (It was just a touch).
Kengo Minamide was born in 1974 in Ishikawa Prefecture. As a leader of the theater company ryanmennyuron established by a production group made up of graduates of the Osaka Scenario School, Minamide wrote the play Miso aji no Yozora that was nominated as a finalist for the OMS Drama Award. He has studied in the So Kitamura playwright seminar organized by the Itami AI HALL and has continued to win recognition as an accomplished playwright with such accolades as being nominated as a finalist for the AAF Drama Award and finalist for the OMS Drama Award for his play Chantoshita Yugure, and also as a finalist for the AAF Drama Award for his play Owattenashi. Since 2015, Minamide has also been active as resident playwright with the Tokyo theater company Lamanoda. This time’s award-winning play is an omnibus style collection of images of everyday urban life, which jury member Yoji Sakate praised as a work that captures the atmosphere of the era we live in today.
For the 2016 award there were some 243 applications. Of the 27 works that passed the first selection stage, five were chosen as finalists in the second stage of the selection. Reports of the selection process can be seen on the official website.
Momonomi. by Shinnosuke Morita (Fukuoka Pref.)
Puranura by Sawako Takaishi (Tokyo)
Fureta dake by Kengo Minamide (Tokyo to Osaka)
Kami to Konyaku by Genta Hasegawa, (Kyoto)
The Last Supper by Io Ota, (Tokyo)
+Jury for Final Selection:
Takeshi Kawamura, Shoji Kokami, Yoji Sakate, Toshiro Suzue, Norihiko Tsukuda, Hideo Tsuchiya, Nozomi Makino
+Japan Playwrights Association (Japanese)