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Apr. 25, 2017
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World Theatre Festival Shizuoka under Mt. Fuji 2017 (Apr. 28 – May 7, 2017)
The World Theatre Festival Shizuoka under Mt. Fuji organized by the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC) is being held for the 7th time in 2017 with a lineup of new works by directors from Japan and abroad that includes seven Japan premieres.
For the festival opening German director Nicolas Stemann returns to SPAC for the second time, bringing with him this time the Japan premiere of Werther! Based on the novel “The Sorrows of Young Werther” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, adds media of music and video and with the popular Austrian actor Philipp Hochmair in the one-man play’s only role.
Also on the program are three other productions from abroad in their Japan premieres. The Syrian director Omar Abusaada presents the much talked about Damascus While I Was Waiting, a play that reflects the difficult political situation in Syria today. “The Ventriloquists Convention” is directed by French artist and choreographer Gisèle Vienne and performed by the German puppet-theatre company Puppentheater Halle; and Italian director Pippo Delbono presents “Tales of June,” which he has written and directs himself.
The work presented this time by SPAC’s artistic director Satoshi Miyagi is an open-air production in Sumpujo Park of the Greek tragedy Antigone with an added subtitle of A Ceremonial Bonfire Sent Over the Ages. Also, appearing in this festival for the first time is Tanino Kuro with the new work MOON that he created in residence at Performing Arts Park and performs in the Open Air Theatre “UDO.” The production design for the audience-participation type work is by Germany’s Caspar Picbner.
As a related program prepared in collaboration with the Concert Hall Shizuoka, the music theater work 1940 -Richard Strauss Villa- will be performed based on historical events.
Also, as part of the City of Shizuoka’s “The Town is a Theater” project, the Shizuoka city center will be the site of a Shizuoka Street Theatre Festival “Strange Seed” (free of charge) will be held. Sixteen groups will perform, including Kaiji Moriyama + Kozue Hibino + Kohske Kawase, KAKI KUU KYAKU, Syounen Oujakan and others. There will also be symposiums and a bar where visitors can meet the actors and staff and a tea picking event.

Festival Outline
This is an international theater festival organized by the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC), which was founded in 1997 by Shizuoka local government as Japan’s first publicly-funded performing arts organization with its own resident actors, technical and production staff, based at its own facilities, including a theater and rehearsal studios. In 2011, its name was changed from the Spring Arts Festival Shizuoka to the Fuji no Kuni – World Theater Festival (English name: World Theater Festival Shizuoka under Mt. Fuji) and is now held each June at four venues in Shizuoka city including the Shizuoka Performing Arts Theater and the Shizuoka Performing Arts Park. Based on the concept that Fuji no Kuni (the land of Mt. Fuji = Shizuoka) can be connected to the world through theater, the festival presents performing arts productions by Japanese and foreign directors. The festival’s director is the SPAC artistic director, Satoshi Miyagi.
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